Shoppers / employee customer service

On 11/25/2017 I visited store #2637. I stopped in to grab one item on the way home and decided I would also like to purchase a lb. Of shrimp.

I approached the seafood counter where 3 women were working and conversing. After a minute or so, the younger of the 3 women said "what do you need" I was a bit confused because I was not aware that she was addressing me. I attempted to answer after a brief pause but then the woman said. "you looking and [censor]" as she walked off. I stood there in shock. Finallly another woman approached and asked what can she get for me.

After I received the shrimp, the young lady made her way back and gave me a really bad stare. I decided to contact the store manager who then said she would have a talk with the employee.

My experience today was awful. The worst o have ever seen and I think this woman is use to conducting herself that way while on the job.

I will never shop at that location again. If I can i️ will probably pass on shoppers overall. The service was unprofessional and also threatening.

Nov 25, 2017

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