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I've recently discovered that on four separate occasions, this website has taken £10 from my account with NO authorization on my part.
Upon reading similar complaints, apparently the banks can do nothing to resolve this so I'm writing this to try and
a) Make it stop. Now.
b) To warn others.

Mar 06, 2013
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  • Ma
      Mar 07, 2013

    Hello JayJJ:

    We just read your post and we would like to assist you.

    The Shopper Discounts & Rewards programme provides great value to people who shop online regularly. We have thousands of consumers who save hundreds of pounds each year. Our discount offers and cashback deals make a real difference in this difficult economic environment. Membership is free for the first 30 days so that you can try it out, and after that it is £10 per month. Members are free to cancel their membership at any time.

    Without knowing your name or email address, we cannot identify your Shopper Discounts & Rewards membership record. Please call our customer service team at 0800 731 9935 (freephone) or you can contact me directly at [protected] so that we can identify your membership record and resolve your query. If you contact me, please reference this forum.

    Kind regards,
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  • Sh
      Apr 05, 2013

    Hi - I too fell victim this scam via Inteflora (although many other sites do this too). What happens is when you complete the purchase you get an offer of £15 off your next purchase, you complete the simple form and then bang they've got you - all in the small print.
    However - FEAR NOT - this is simple to get all your money back.
    Compose yourself, read the advice below, practice it and then do the following :-
    Call them on 0800 731 9935 (its free to call) and be polite but forceful. Tell them they have taken money illegally out of your account and you never subscribed to this service. Say "here's whats going to happen - you are going to refund all of my contributions by the end of today otherwise my solicitor will be writing to you first thing tomorrow morning". Don't let them speak or interrupt too much and try and derail you.
    They will start by offering you 1 month's refund and then say you'll have to complete a claim form - again be direct and say "I didn't fill in any forms for you to steal my money so I'm not going to fill in any to get it back - if you can't refund my full amount please put me through to a supervisor who can".
    I was put on hold for about 30 seconds and then the same operator said they could refund it all. 2 days later the money was put back into my account (and I had 18 months at £10 per month) - the whole £180 refunded straight away.
    As I said - the key is to be confident, forceful but polite (don't swear or lose your temper).
    Good luck - and I really hope this helps.
    Remember - you're not to blame - I've got a university degree, work in the IT industry and use the internet every day and yet still fell foul of it.

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