Shopper Discounts / Subscription Credit Card Charges

United States

Monthly fee showing up in the amount of $12 w/o my kowing consent. Posts by others on this subject suggest I should have read all the disclaimers and legal prose before responding to a pop-up. Maybe so. None-the-less, I know if the company asked for my cc information I would have backed away from saying yes to some 10% discount. I've come to understand that by clicking on the pup-up while conducting, for inishing up, on an on-line transaction my cc information is automatically routed to Shopper Discounts and, bam, I'm signed up.

I saw the recurring charge after three months and contacted Shopper Discounts. "No problem, we'll refund the full amount." they responded. Great. Still, I believe Shopper Discounts tactics are an underhanded way of hooking people -- put it in fornt of folks that they'll be billed -- over and over again. I guess, we all come to understand that companies will do anything for a buck while rationalizing how they are providing a service. Shopper Discounts falls in the same catagory as banks and their interest rates on credit cards and late fees. Why else is legislation being passed to reign in the criminally punitive charges, the hidden charges. Because the industry and it leaders are not showing moral and ethical leadership.


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