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My order was submitted and paid for on 23 FEB 2017:

1x Sapphire Long Sleeve Top - Gray / XL for $13.99 each
1x V-Neck Zip Up Top - Black / XXL for $16.99 each
1x Off Shoulder Evening Dress - Black / XL for $23.99 each
1x Brooklyn Evening Dress - Red / XXL for $24.99 each

Discount (code: winter2017): $-19.99 USD
Subtotal : $59.97 USD
Shipping : $0.00 USD
Total : $59.97 USD

I have sent dozens of emails and received one response, claiming "rare circumstances that profoundly affect delivery times are no way a fault of Dealman". Is there not a number to call...I purchased four items and my order status on their website says UNFULFILLED; my assumption means they have yet to send it yet. This is a total crock and should be addressed. I want my order, if you do not have it then I want reimbursement for the amount I paid.

**Email which I received on 17 APR 2017 @ 0537**


First off please let me extend an explanation along with our sincerest apologies to you for the lack of communication. Unfortunately we had experienced a significant technical glitch within our email system and it was not called to attention to us until loads of our customer emails became inaccessible for a time. We are in the retrieval process still now and diligently working around the clock to make contact with all customers we were unaware needed attention until their emails could be retrieved. I assure you I can not tell you how regretful we are of this situation and are very thankful for your patience and understanding during this unfortunate event. I have pulled up your order and see that your order was shipped, and a shipping confirmation was sent via email before our system malfunctioned thankfully. We appreciate your business and are happy to provide tracking information for every order. Items generally take 14-30 days to arrive, however can take longer in rare circumstances. We ship direct from the manufacturer via air mail in order to provide you with the best deals along with free shipping. This information is stated on, and your invoice.
For detailed tracking information, the Deal Man recommends using

As to why you have not yet received your order it is stated in the information provided to you upon ordering there are occasionally rare circumstances that profoundly effect delivery times that are in no way a fault of Dealman. I've had a look, and it appears to be of a typical processing delay within the postal service.

International tracking depends upon parcels going through mail processing centers and then being scanned. Once parcels are packed for a certain destination country then the crates themselves are scanned rather than individual parcels. That is why the package itself will not have a tracking update until the crate has arrived in the destination country and is unpacked by Customs. I hope this makes sense. I understand your frustration in not having already received your order and I am lodging an inquiry with the postal service. Grievously we have no control over how efficient the postal service is with our shipments. We have been working on the issue as we have thousand of orders shipped, and we know that your parcel has been shipped and has been in the carriers possession for some time.

We do gladly try to resolve any issue when a parcel is in transit, however we cannot track the parcels until the carriers input the information. We appreciate your extreme patience and understanding. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance, and certainly do not hesitate to get back in touch if the problem persists. I anticipate your tracking to update soon with my inquiry of your parcel today and I gather you will receive your order very soon.

Again thank you for your order, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Kind Regards,

Dealman Support Team

Jun 12, 2017

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