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My fiance and I went on a gorgeous holiday to Hawaii, We were on the Big Island, where we got offered a deal for a tour if we went and listened to this speal about Timeshares, as were are from Australia, you don't hear much of it from our side of the world. So off we went and listened to them rave about how fabulous this deal was and blah blah, hours later we are still there, we eventually said we'd give it a go with the knowledge that we could get out of it in 7 days. So before our time was up, i tried calling our nominated sales person, to no avail, contacted the head office, someone will call you back they said. No such luck. We've now returned to australia, where they started sending us packages, and letters and bills. I tried calling to restate the fact that i had called and emailed to get out of this deal. Nope i had to pay and what not. Now i have received a bill stating they were going to commence recovery action for a bill of $900. What to do? does anyone have any advice? i feel so scamed and ripped off.

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  • Az
      Jun 01, 2009

    I HAVE SOME ADVICE... NONE THAT WILL HELP ON THIS DEAL HOWEVER. When you sign a contract... Don't try to call to cancel By Law you must cancel in writing anyway. SEND LETTER OF CANCELLATION IN TIME PROVIDED "IN WRITING" TO CORPORATE OFFICE OF COMPANY. MAKE SURE YOU SEND CERTIFIED-FOR YOUR RECORDS. THAT WAY YOU ARE COMPLETELY PROTECTED UNDER THE LAW. As for shell... we are owners for almost 3 years & couldn't be happier. We love staying in 1 & 2 bedroom condos instead of dumpy(cheaper) hotel rooms. we travel mostly during the week... not only will thishelp maximize point value, but we hate the crowds anyway. Contrayry to the last 3 lies posted with shell you do not only hve to go for a week at a time to reserve in advance... you have the abillity to reserve as little as 2 days up to 10 months away. I HIGHLY RECOMEND USING THE VACATION CLUB OWNERS SITE TO BOOK YOUR TRIPS YOURSELF. THAT WAY YOU CAN SEE THE POINT FLUCTUATIOS YOURSELF & MAKE BETTER USE OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP. *** WE ARE VERY HAPPY OWNERS & WE USE THE REFERAL SERVICE & PAY NO ASSOCIATION FEES. WE FIND STAYING IN 1 & 2 BEDROOM SUITES VERY ENJOYABLE. AND BY THE WAY IN THE PLACES WE HAVE STAYED IT WOULD HAVE COST 400 - 600 A NIGHT ANYWAY. AFTER OUR MEMBERSHIP IS PAYED OFF IN 5 YEARS WE WILL ENJOY THE VACATIONS OF OUR DREAMS NEARLY COST FREE & THE BEST PART OF ALL IS WE WILL BE ABLE TO PASS ON TO MY 25YR OLD & HER FAMILY

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  • Ch
      Jul 08, 2009

    I am currently researching Shell Vacation Club because a friend of mine is a member and highly recommends it to me. It does seem like Shell has questionable sales practices, but as I am only considering points through resale that doesn't really matter.

    Sorry to hear that Shell gave you the run around. IMO, the person on the phone should have been up front with you and informed you that you needed to cancel in writing. As the previous commenter said, you should have sent it registered mail or some other method that offers tracking. Shell needs to work on their sales ethics, but unfortunately it seems that this is the norm in timeshare sales.

    Unfortunately, since you entered in to the contract it was your responsibility to understand the process you needed to follow to cancel it. The contract should have stated clearly what you needed to do to cancel it, and my guess is that it said to mail written notification to a particular address.

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  • Va
      Sep 22, 2009

    My wife and I walked into an Activity Center in San Francisco to find out information about things to do. We were interested in booking a wine tasting tour. This is where the rep at this center offered us a free wine tasting tour for two if we sat through a 90 min presentation, and that we wouldnt have to buy anything if we didnt want to. So we decided to go to their 90 minute presentation after this. I mean why not right? We're on vacation and have all the time in the world. We can spare 90 mins if it means we'll get free tickets. The rep at their main location, which was a few blocks away, was very helpful in explaining how it all works, and he went over all the numbers. The presentation did last 90 mins, nothing more. We were actually very convinced but just didnt have the 27 K to put down or finance out at the time. When we asked, well can we decide later on? They said no, this deal is only today. I asked, can we call you when we decide? They said nope, it has to be done NOW. TODAY. I thought that was a bit fishy. I mean, if its a plausible business transaction shouldnt you be able to buy it anytime? They explained that the rates would be higher if we waited, and I said I was ok with that, I dont mind paying more later on if we can sleep on it and think about it and wait till we have the money to spend on such a deal. But NOPE, we couldnt do it later on. So we said, look, we dont have the money right now to get into this scheme. Then the manager came over, gave us an even better deal, and we said no to that too. We were finally given our two free tour tickets after the 90 min presentation (which included a video presentation too).

    Overall I felt they were straightforward in explaining how their "scheme" works, but something just seemed very FISHY about the whole thing. Especially the fact that you HAVE to purchase this today, and cannot decide later on. I mean, wtf is that about? So Im glad we didnt get it, because now Im back to work at my desk and have had time to research this, and it seems like a RIP OFF.

    Dont fall for it, get your free stuff, whatever it is they offer you, and get out of there.

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  • Fr
      Feb 19, 2011

    We bought in Hawaii on the Big Island in late 2007. We have spent over $2500.00 trying to get rid of it. We have called the finance company Equiant and Shell both and tried to give it back so they could resale it and make a profit. We are unable to make the payments on it as I am now disabled. Instead of anyone talking to us they turned it over to Pinnacle Recovery, Inc ...YES a collection agency and they are adding their charge of almost $6000.00 to the bill!!! How fair is that? I am so fed up with all of this that I don't know what to do.
    Roni & Frank Warren

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