Shell Vacations ClubShell has called and resolved my complaint.

Review updated:

Andrea Nelson from Shell Vacations Club called me this morning and was VERY helpful in resolving my complaint.
She told me she will talk to sales people in her company to prevent
this sort of thing from happing again, and is correcting the card fee
for me, what a sweetheart!
I WOULD recommend Shell Vacation Club now, after speaking with her.

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      Jun 02, 2009

    Hello Im a bay area (cali) Shell Club owner and so far I love it. No problems but Im glad they resolved your complaint I have used shell for a week long stay in the Peacock suites and they treated us great. I also got 2 free days to at the metriage in napa to view the vino bello which we are staying at next n it was great-we actually upgraded from a studio to a 1 bedroom and stayed in Sf the Inn at the Opera and I tell you it was amazing the room was huge and everyone was really great to us..I pay almost $300 n almost n about under 65 for HOA fees..My husband and I are a family of 5 just starting out and one of thee youngest owners n I couldnt be happier. I love there perks just to go to a 90 min presentaion. O when we stayed in napa they gave us a tray full of sandwitches n a big bowl of salad to feed us for the night-now how sweet is that..I love them this is a pic when I was in the peacock suites while pregnant with my son in 08 june

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      Sep 06, 2010

    today is 9/6/2010... I bought this RIDICULOUS timeshare in 2005 Crotched Mountain Resort in NH it was a Shell Vacation resort... they had over 800 acres! they told us they're in the process of finishing the resort and adding more condos... all lies! here it is 5 years later we can't get 1st choice rooms like we were PROMISED, there are not hot tubs available for any of our stays... no pets ! I signed a contract stating I would clean up after my dog & this is a pet friendly resort! all changed with out notice!!!
    Now this resort was bought by RCI, so we get last pick if any rooms are available... last 2 years there were NONE! but I continue to get charged MAINTENANCE FEES... for what????
    the staff is very rude, the tub was clogged and did NOT drain... it took over an hour to a plumber to fix the tub, hardly worth 7 grand!
    From the looks of this website
    a LOT of people were lied to! this is a case worth fighting out in court! they should pay for everythign they lied about... my maintenance fees went up and they said in WRITING they would not increase until 2011...
    my fees went up 2 years early! how is this legal?
    I'd like to see this company pay everyone back they STOLE from! every stolen penny !

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