Shell Vacations ClubBait and switch

In 2007 we retired from many, many years teaching years in the Public Schools and went on our dream vacation to Hawaii. Something we had been dreaming about since we were married, but we just never could afford to take a honeymoon. We had saved some and already owned a place at another RCI (Resorts Condominium International) time share vacation. That's how we managed to get to Hawaii. We are not greedy folks, not really interested in obtaining more, just to get a little of the good life in a fancy hotel on the beach".

We said as much to that young Hawaiian sales girl?. However, when she told her managing salesperson about our RCI Weeks his ears picked up like a hound dog". He come up with a plan where we could "change our RCI Weeks into Shell Points" and one telephone call would have "Shells' excellent service representatives" manage them for us?. Well enough about that said now, while there we purchased a week time share at the Beachboy Resort in Kauai, Hawaii". That Shell boy was really spinning RCI straw into proverbial Shell gold for our golden years of retirement!.

As dedicated teachers would, we did our math homework;. Me and my wife were sure that it would be just perfect to deposit our RCI Weeks into Shell Resorts Clubs, who would change all them into their just great Shell Points for promised extra vacations, prepaid airline fees, free rental cars, luxury hotels, Caribbean cruises, and a host of other valuable benefits/. We could now finally enjoy in our retirement ahead of us.

We paid a rightly sum $12, 001.50 for this membership in full on our credit card at the time of signing the contracts and that man, his girls, and a lot of papers assured it would be just a simple phone call to get a service rep and all these Shell privileges would become golden. All that glitters is not gold, that is, once it's sold!

Trying to convert any of our RCI Weeks to Shell Points met with just big bad trouble. Just weeks after we joined we received a letter from Shell saying they're reducing the weeks that Shell would allow for conversion. Not that I'm paranoid, but what a cat *** coincidence! The ink was just about barely dry on those papers we signed! Do ya think?

This greatly tore down the reason for our membership. When contacting them by telephone we were told that we had too few points and could only qualify for a vacation once every 4 years! Thus severely limiting the "golden" sales pitch of their fast talking manager in Hawaii, and despite over $600 additional cost a year for maintenance in a place we have never even been to again! In total dollars sum, we've paid Shell Vacations Club over $14, 000 and have not been back to Hawaii once since signing the agreement! Some "golden" years with Shell. We cried. No flights, cars, cruises. Nothing but bills, bills, and more bill bringing our small life savings to tatters.

After 4 years of paying maintenance on a place I've never been, this week we received yet another letter, a deadly blow to our Shell membership. Couldn't you have guessed ---Shell Vacations Club will no longer be affiliated with RCI! They now have switched to a RCI competitor IE (Interval International). Needless to say we are not IE members, don't want no more bills to join them too. So finally we cannot covert any RCI weeks to Shell Points at all, not now, not never! As grandaddy said " ya can't polish a turd", nor a golden Shell membership I might add,
My friends, this is what I'm calling Shells' Bait and Switch "Shell Game"! Bait the hard working retirees who struggled all their lives paying into society and saving for their retirement with a little free food, then into an fast talking agreement where they pay to trade hard earned money for weeks of "golden" promises for their golden years, vacation condos, flights, cars etc., then after you got them paying into your system for years, switch the terms of the agreement, then deliver them only straw.

And yes, this straw costs you $600+ a year for nothing. And if ya don't pay it they'll go after you for it, wreck your credit rating. And God forbid Ma gets sick, who knows? RCI Membership trading for Shell Points was the only reason that I bought into this Shell Game in the first place. In exchange for our money and promises of a "golden" retirement, we got broken promises and billsThe fast talking sales people, the rich folks who own the resorts and their slick lawyers have done real well for themselves, at our expense. If you want to find them you'll probably find them lounging at the resort we're paying for in Hawaii. This is because we can no longer afford to get back.

We played by the rules as they told us to, paid up in full. Then they changed the rules and the game. Our time share is worthless to us and they've got all that hard earned money.

<But in their "Disclosure Statement" termed Exhibit C, page 9, bullet number 20, that we agreed to before signing our contract it only mentions RCI as their "External Exchange Company". Further it says that Shell is not "responsible for promises made by RCI sales people". But Shell IS responsible for what its' sales people say and what they write down in their contracts. That's what I read in this here contract. Says nothing about Interval International at all. Never even heard nothing about them.

I would like Shell Vacations Club to give me back all of my hard earned money, over $14, 000 hard earned US Dollars, that I was bamboozed out by their "Shell" Game. I want it back in my bank account so that we can afford to take some vacations in our golden years. I'd like to afford a plane ride, cruise ship, fancy hotel and a golden sunset before my golden years are done. I can't afford the "privileges" they offer anymore, because they've gone and changed all the things they said we could do, and left me with nothing but the bill.


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