Shell Vacations ClubDon't be ignorant

Back in 2004, at the Legacy in AZ, I bought a trial membership for $4500, to be used within 2 years. After reading the fine print, I did see that I could cancel the contract within 7 days. I decided to keep it and I booked 1 week in Hawaii and had only used half the points that I bought. I was offered free gifts to attend another presentation in Hawaii( free rental car for 1 week and free weekend in Hawaii). I used both without any problems. At the presentation, I ended up purchasing enough points for 1 week per year at the Napa Valley location, which cost me half as much than buying in Hawaii, but I trade it for Hawaii every year. I have used it numerous times for numerous locations, and have also shared with family members wishing to "rent points" for a fraction of the full price. There have been minor problems, but that would happen at any place, including Marriott, Starwoods resorts, Hilton, etc. Overall I would say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The properties are clean and well maintained. I work for the airlines so I get free air travel and have stayed at many different hotel brands. The maintenance fees have gone up $200 since I purchased 6 years ago. But that was explained to me in the beginning. so no surprise. I paid my account full and in cash, so no outrageous interest charges. My advice is not to buy a timeshare on credit or loan. Make sure you can afford it with disposable income, and book as soon as possible, you can always cancel without penalties 60 days out. Overall I'm a very satisfied and happy customer, Shell Vacations is one of the better timeshares, along with Mariott and Hilton.

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