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We bought an Explorer membership with Shell after being hassled and pressured by numerous sales people while in Hawaii on our honeymoon. Although this isn’t the reason for my complaint, I will point out that the sales people were extremely rude when we didn’t want to buy the timeshare property, criticizing us and telling us that our relationship would suffer without vacations, which consisted of buying a Shell timeshare. Extremely rude. Well, I got over that, and finally booked my first vacation with the points I purchased through the Explorer program. We went to San Diego and booked the Days Hotel through Shell, which was an affiliated property through Resortime. The hotel looked decent on the web pages, and the Shell associate I spoke to while booking the hotel indicated it was a nice property. Well, we arrived at this hotel and it was a total dump. Our so called “deluxe room with kitchenette” was a tiny motel room (that’s right, not a hotel, but a motel) with half of a bathroom because the other half was a half size ghetto kitchen. It was the equivalent, or probably worse, than a Super 8 Motel. We arrived at this motel and it was an instant damper on our entire trip knowing that we would have to come back to this crap hole every night. We tried to find ways to avoid going back to the hotel at all costs, but had to at some point. And, why am I upset with Shell? Because Shell had me pay $283 per night on this room. That’s right, a whopping $283 for a Super 8 (essentially). I could have stayed in a 5 star hotel in downtown San Diego near everything instead of this nasty motel on Hotel Circle. And we looked up the real value of the motel, which is $70 a night. It’s really disturbing to me that they could rip people off so badly and ruin a family’s vacation in doing so. It’s just unbelievable. I am beyond upset about this situation and so mad that my vacation had to suffer on their account. They were so insistent on us buying their crap and ensuring us it was worth the money….they are just flat out liars and out to ruin people’s lives and take their money. Not only would I never buy anything from Shell again, but I will certainly discourage anyone and everyone from even considering to do so as well.

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  • Pa
      Aug 19, 2010

    We have owned our Shell Timeshare for at least 10 years and have hardly used it ... do the wait time unless you want to go to a crappy place as said in your post!! The maintenance fees have no cap which turn out to be very high and have looked into getting rid of it but can't seem to do that either unless you want to give it away which we just might??

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  • Sh
      Aug 24, 2010

    We completely understand your frustration. Without getting into too much detail, it is fairly difficult to calculate the value of points with respect to the rack rate of our partner hotels. We understand it appears easy on the surface when comparing it to the purchase price of your Explorer program, but it is important to note that these rates are negotiated with respect to the Shell Vacations Club memberships also, which are lifetime vacation ownerships, so any attempts at determining a calculation with regard to a trial membership are destined to be skewed.

    With that said, we completely understand your frustration, which is why we strongly encourage our Explorer members to try out the Club at Shell Vacations owned and operated properties, thereby giving them a great value at a great resort. Given that you had a negative experience at our affiliate property, we now understand that you have been compensated one full night's stay from your bill. We hope this helps and gives you an opportunity to make a reservation at one of our properties to truly experience what Shell Vacations Club has to offer. Again, our sincerest apologies that this past stay was not to your liking and we look forward to assisting you with a more positive and rewarding vacation stay with the remainder of your membership.

    Paula - If you would not mind, can you please contact us here in Customer Care? We would love the opportunity to help you reserve the kind of vacation you wanted when you purchased with us after trying out our Explorer package. You can call us at [protected] or email us at [protected] Thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to assist.

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