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Sharper Image Ionic Breeze / Develope a very bad cough and asthmatic symptoms

1 United States

An itchy throat and uncontrollable cough happened to my whole family. So I tried running the Ionic Breeze in my bedroom for about 8 hours before going to bed tonight. I turned it off right before going to bed because I noticed an instant itch in my throat when walking into the room. I am typing this after 1 AM because I cannot sleep due to itchy throat and coughing so I decided to do a Google search on this stuff and it brought me here. We have been running the IB for about 4 months now and it DID need to be cleaned because it removed a bit of dust from the air. But during that time my poor 2 year old son who slept closest to the device in the hallway had developed a very bad cough and asthmatic symptoms and needed to be taken to emergency one night and put on puffers. I am so [censored]ing pissed off by this; I can’t begin to tell you. We should create a class-action lawsuit against Sharper Image.


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