Sharp -Air Purifier KC-C150Elack of responsibility of persons in charge

I bought a one unit Air Purifier KC-C150E from Best denki KLCC, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia.

Due to lost and damage two of the A/P machine filters, required me to contact Best denki KLCC and ask how can I buy the spair parts for my A/P .

On march 2010, I contacted Best denki KLCC operator and the operator passed me to Miss Azura Bin Ahmad. I told Miss Azura that I lost The Sensor Filter and I need to buy one. She told me that I place my order through her and she will get back to me within one or two weeks .when she receive the Sensor Filter she will contac me. By this day 01/10/2010 Miss Azura did not contacted me . I called her many times, I couldnot get her or she told me she did not received the Sensor Filter yet.

I know that Sharp Company has a factory and spair part service in the below address :

1A, Jalan Persiaran, Kuala Langat, Section 27 Shah Alam

I wonder that, How long Is take until Miss Azura Bin Ahmad place my order untill I can receive my Sensor Filter !!!??????????????

ON September 5 2010 I went to Best denki KLCC and I meet Mr Din and told her that I need to order a HEPA filter for my Air Purifier Model KC-C150E. How can I place my order?

He told me Hri Raya Aidilfitri 2010 is around the corner and he will be on leave from 7 september 2010 it is beter for me to come back after Hri Raya Aidilfitri 2010 and then I place my order. I insisted him, Mr Din replied me that the Best denki does not carry the Air Purifier that I bought from them on 2008 due to the Old Model !!!

When I told Mr Din then what should I do ? He said ; He will go to Sharp Company on 6 September and he will find it out for me and he asked for my contact number and I gave it to him.

By this day 01/10/2010 not Mr Din contacted me or any of the Best Denki KLCC personals to inform me what hell is the status of my HEPA Filter ??????????????

I am very angry and feel sick of thoes unresponsible people that do the customers lightly .Basicly they do not care about customers. When customer want to buy their poducts they show that they are very respectfull and responsible toward the customer and as soon as their goods sold out. Do not care for customer at all.

I'm sick of these services and I will make sure that I will not do shopping from Best Denki through out Malaysia ...

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