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Shark Steam Mop / Fraud and scam

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I purchased this STEAM MOP from HSN but it had to be returned to Shark Steam Mop in Chino, CA. I am still waiting 3 months later for a refund on my credit card. Why buy from HSN and get the refund from Shark Steam Mop, as they don't even speak english. SHARK STEAM MOP IS A RIP OFF and as far as I concerned I will also no longer purchase anything from HSN as they will not stand behind products sold by their distributors.

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  • 13
      25th of May, 2009
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    The people who wrote and are devistated because the HSN does NOT stand by their products. Not only that, everything I've bought their is JUNK!
    I didn't buy the Shark Steam Mop from their. Mine cost $170. Does it do what the commercial does? NO!!!
    it is good for very light cleanning, but as far as removing scuff marks, getting your floor amazing clean and the carpet "cleaner" sucks! All it is, it the mop with some cheep piece of plastic that goes undernea. Now common sence tells me all that's going to happen is maybe some steam will hit the carpet. WHY?
    The steam STINKS even though it's only water. That's weird. And if you do make the mistake of getting one ONLY USE PURIFIED WATER! Even though they say you can use reg. water, but it ends up with mineral deposits, rendering it even more useless.
    If you get this, make sure not to expect too much. I kept mine because it is nice for small clean ups and it's compact.
    All in all I would not recommend this product. I've heard tons of people say their's broke within the month and EVERYONE that I've talked to says it takes a very long time after return to get your money.

  • Ma
      18th of Oct, 2009
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    SHARK SUCKS!! pure and simple. My steamer stopped working after a few weeks and their Euro iron never stayed on. When I first saw the ad for a floor steamer I shuddered...I'm willing to bet there are many disappointments with that product as well. Funny how they have no email to complain to... I will never go near another Shark product again!!!

  • Ha
      28th of Feb, 2010
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    Mop stopped working. There is no way to get in touch with them.

  • Hd
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    We have had the same problems as those sited above. Within a few times of trying the Shark it stopped producing steam and was nothing more than a dust mop. A 3 yr warranty had been purchased for $40.00 but that seems to have no bearing on the problem. We obtained a return authorization and sent it back 1/25/10 along with a check for $9.95 (which was deposited immediately). It is still gone. Inquiries have been made, twice, and both time we were told that it would be another 2 weeks. It has now been 2 1/2 months since we returned the unit. The people you speak to do not speak English as their primary language and fail to properly explain why there is a delay. We have no idea where to go from here. I suppose they just want you to give up and leave them alone. Don't buy this product, or any other Shark products, from any source, HSN, Target, Walmart, no one. It is a total waste of your money and time. They are theives.

  • Ga
      20th of Apr, 2010
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    Shark Steam Mop - Not worth the 80$ in my opinion
    Shark Steam Mop
    United States

    I have used my steam mop less than 10 times. The main problem I've been having is that you have to push down so hard on the mop and there is a lot of "drag". My arms are usually sore after I use it! The last time I used it the handle snapped right in half. Not worth the 80$ in my opinion.

  • Ma
      25th of Oct, 2010
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    I purchased the Shark Steam Mop Pro System from the infommercial on TV. The infommercial stated 4 payments of $29.99 and that if you didn't like the mop, they would pay the return shipping and you could keep the bonus hand steamer as a free gift. When I called, they told me the price was $39.99 and included free shipping. (some free shipping - $40!) I also purchased an additional kit of replacement mop heads, a water filter as we have hard water and additional 2 year warranty for $50..don't know why...sounded like a good idea at the time.

    I found the same mop under a different model # at a local store for $119 and now on sale for $85.50...with all the same mop heads. I called Shark to return what I had ordered and offer them to not initiate a return if they'd give me the same price as the local store. I then found out that they charged me for 2 additional mop pad kits when I only ordered one and was also told I had to pay return shipping charges! They also tried to scam me into having to return the free gift I am supposed to be able to keep. I do like the mop; I've been using it for several weeks now, but warned them that I have gotten different info between the sales reps on the phone and infommercial and if they did not honor the infommercial, I would be filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office. I then was placed on hold and when the rep came back, he said he would send me return shipping labels within 3 days to return the products at their expense and that also the additional replacement kit that I did not order would be credited back to my account.

    My suggestions would be to just purchase the mop at your local store...both Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond carry them along with extra mop pads if needed. It's much easier to return to the local store than to fight with Shark over the phone!

  • Je
      18th of May, 2011
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    Mop worked poorly when it worked - which was only about 10 uses.

  • An
      1st of Jun, 2011
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    The Shark Steam Mop SUCKS!!! ...and definitely with all capital letters!!! I've had the mop for approximately 10 months. Suddenly, yesterday, I was cleaning my kitchen floors and the steam stopped producing. I unplugged it to check out the problem. When I pressed the button to release the lower attachment, it came flying off with SCORTCHING steam following behind. My fingers were badly burned (making me drop the entire mop with steam blowing out all over my kitchen). Once the steamed stopped, I was able to find out the problem ( why it stopped steaming and why so much steam was built-up inside of the nozzle). It was because the cheap plastic melted from the HOT steam and closed the holes completely. Therefore, when I hit the release button, all the built-up steam not only made the lower attachment fly off but burned my fingers so bad that, today, I have small blisters between my fingers. DO NOT purchase this product. If anyone knows any good lawyers that will take a case against SHARK, I am planning to file a lawsuit. ANY SUGGESTIONS?????

  • Te
      2nd of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This is the worst produst I ever bought...I'm just learned a good lesson. DON'T buy anything off TV. It don't's worthless!!!

  • Re
      12th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    The mop has stopped steaming after using it a few time. Trying to get answers.

  • Ha
      8th of Nov, 2011
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    I bought a Shark steam mop at a department store. It stopped working on 1st use. I contacted customer service at Shark. After paying additional money for new mop to be shipped, the new one arrived 10 days later--- it had just been thrown in a box with no packaging materials and arrived smashed. I contacted customer service again and was sent a label for return and assured that a new one would be sent to me free of charge. Now almost 2 months later I am still battling with Shark as new one has not arrived. They have told me on 2 different phone calls that it has been shipped (different dates each time). Also I was to have had a return call, which never happened. Last call was today. Supposedly the new mop will arrive b y 11/19/11. We will see!

  • Qu
      13th of Nov, 2011
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    Mop is steaming again!!! I read online what several people tried to get the steam hole unplugged. Last night I filled the tank with straight white vinegar and let it sit overnight. Then a few times I used a piece of floral wire and put it in the steam hole on the bottom and wiggled it around. Do this with mop unplugged. Then I plugged it in, set it in the sink and pushed up and down on the handle. Nothing seemed to be happening so this morning I used CLR with water (50/50) and put in tank. Did the same thing with wire after about an hour. Little by little steam started coming out and then it finally came out fully. I then pumped out the rest of the liquid in the tank and then filled tank with water and pumped again to clean it out well. I'm so glad this worked instead of having to pay shark to fix it.

    Moral of story here is this...only use distilled water in this mop and be sure to empty tank when finished using it. Hope this helps some of you.

  • Pr
      15th of Jan, 2012
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    what about very filtered soft water???

  • Mo
      4th of Jan, 2013
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    I just received this mop as a Christmas gift and after using it only 3 times (with distilled / purified water as recommended) it has stopped producing sufficient steam to clean the floor (or iron, or any of the other uses that it supposedly performs). I had a Shark stick vacuum a few years back, and it was a piece of crap also! Perhaps 1 of the most disappointing aspects of this crappy product is the huge amount of plastic from which it is made. After just 3 uses it stopped working, and now we're left with a giant hunk of non-recyclable plastic that will sit in a landfill for the next few 100 years.

    Shark Steam Mop sucks, and shame on Target and all of the other Shark retailers for carrying such a piece of crap product!!!

  • Jl
      16th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    As with everything on TV they can tell u anything and when u try to tell people the facts about something they call u a liar and why u ask cause they seen it on TV

  • Li
      6th of Oct, 2014
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    Bought my first Shark Vac/steamer floor cleaner at Kohl's for $100. Stopped producing steam after maybe 5 uses.Returned it to Kohls and exchanged it for a new Shark-same model. Just broke tonight after 5-6 uses.I am done.It is a piece of JUNK!!

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