Sharaf dg / very poor delivery time and non responsive online team,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ordered a new 15" MacBook pro 2018 last Nov-21-2018 online, Believing on the online convenience and delivery as Dubai is not a very huge City, i called in the next day on their online customer help center to get some updates regarding the order. Agent mentioned that she will expedite the delivery and inform the so called "online team" .since it was a thursday they say fri-sat is non working so i've waited thru the the week ends and checking for atleast un update on the website regarding my order. unfortunately it remain the same until Wednesday night the following week. Going back I called again on Sunday and ask for an update on the order as I explained that the online is not showing update at all about the order. Same thing the call center agent mentioned to me that they will inform the "online team" about my order. I requested on them to give me a feedback about the order status because it wasn't changing at all. Called again twice Monday the and same story. Just to be more clear I am already charge with the purchase amount of the unit and my bank won't allow me to get it refund. I feel already the delays and lack of update online and from their call center. Further info from the call center agents which keeps on telling me about their 2-5 days delivery and keep on advising just wait as the deliver will happen within 5 days from Wednesday Nov-21-2018 excluding Fri-Sat. Come Tuesday same story no updates no return call after numerous request. only thing i get is several complaint number from the agents . Tuesday night I started to doubt that the delivery won't happen on Wednesday Nov-28-2018 as the call center agent was really not confident about the situation and the information they have. I was expecting that after numerous calls the info, feedback and answers that i will get from them will be the same. But agent after agent is a different story, take note I even try their online chat which is worst. So until Tuesday night I didn't received any concrete info about my order delivery and I didn't received any call back as promised by the call center agents that I've spoked with.

Here we go, Wednesday morning at last something different was been explain to me by the call center agent which is very strange for me to know. Now after a week the agent is telling me that the unit is not available from the supplier. I don't understand which supplier he is talking about, but my point is they are still selling online the same unit that I purchased. so now how come an online shop is continuously selling an item in which their call center agent is saying not available from the supplier. Very strange right? I pushed him to get deeper and investigate the situation, after long wait he come to a point that may be a will be able to collect my unit on their warehouse, sounds like a relief but no. Its just another false hope, promised again to be receiving a call for the new updates of what time I can collect the unit, were just like before never happens, but they promised still the 2-5 days delivery.

To cut it short a little bit, i just called them again after reaching home and not receiving any call back, sad to say delivery will never happen at all, couldn't even get a reliable and confident answer from the agent that there is an existing unit. But She did told me that the unit just arrived in the warehouse. true or not nobody knows. why ? I asked her that I will picked it ip from there but they never agreed, I was told that they will still bill it, invoice etc.

a new promise was told to me now. they will deliver the unit the next day . sure or not . I am more certain that it will not happen. after all the failed communication with them. All in all it is a huge roller coaster with this Sharaf DG online.So called online team sucks and no proper information desimination among themselves.

Upto now they haven't change my order status so how can i believe them that they can deliver the item ordered the next day.

Sharaf DG online store the worst I've ever encountered.

Sharaf dg
Sharaf dg

Nov 28, 2018

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