Sharaf DGlaptop which I purchased new item the salesman gives old used laptop in the box

This compliant I forwarded to Consumer protection department of sharjah today,
Me as a professional more than 15 yrs stay in uae
the well known electronic company Sharaf DG can cheat me, how many poor less educated people with dream of electronic item coming to Sharaf DG cheating daily ?

I am from Abu Dhabi visited Sharjah exo centre on Friday.
I purchased New Laptop from consumer electronic fashion sharaf DG, the sale man told the item is new
not open box
not displayed item,
It is brand new he can not open and show me the laptop
He said anywhere Sharaf DG I can go post sales complaints and within 7 days they will refund the money if any defect and after 7 days 6 months warranty for repair anywhere in UAE.
when i called customer service they refused to change or refund the money .
First time I got information that it is a clearance sale, my salesman did not tell me he is going to give me the used old laptop

customer service said it is clearance sale they will not refund or they will not give new laptop.

This is real cheating they told new laptop and selling old used laptop
As a doctor I am feeling very bad the big company cheated me, and fooled me.
still my discussion going on with managers and I will update you in social media

May 15, 2017

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