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I WAS one of the good customer of Sharf DG Bahrain and Dubai.
Few days back I bought one camera (Nikon) for one of my friend as birthday Gift, unfortunately he said he will not take the gift worth BD 560/-. I went back to Sharf DG the next morning to return them, but they where not ready to do refund the money. After so much request one of the customer service guy said let he speak to my Manager and then I will let you know. The camera was checked and inspected by there sales and service manager before the decided anything. They said everything is intact and perfect, then only they will give gift coupons. After approx 2 hours he said they will take it back but they will deduct 10% from the price and they will not give cash. Finally they gave me Gift Vouchers worth BD 503 (after deduction openalty). I would like to know why did they deduct 10% on the bill... R they into some kind of second hand product business. If they where deducting 10% then why they didn't give cash or reversed my credit card.
Customer satisfaction level is not so gr8.
Now I am struggling to get rid of those gift coupons... Request your help for the same...

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  • Tk
      Dec 16, 2008

    They are like that . . .

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  • Ch
      Feb 11, 2009

    If you really returned within 24 hours they shouldn't deduct 10% coz i had faced same problem when I was in dubai at CARREFORE but they gave me gift coupen without any deduction within half an hour...
    You are right my friend their customer service is not satisfactory.
    even behaviour of security, sales personnel is not well trained...

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  • Ch
      Feb 11, 2009

    You should refund money...

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  • Cu
      Feb 12, 2009

    I also had the same experience. I bought a wireless keyboard for around BD.40 and I returned it (I never used it) for exchanging with a bluetooth keyboard of BD.85 and they have not accepted it. Then I had to bought another bluetooth keyboard and my wireless keyboard is still with me unused. The customer service of Sharaf DG, Bahrain is very very bad though they have good collection of electronic items.

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  • Le
      Feb 12, 2009

    They are doing the same here in Dubai. I brought one Philips DVD/Hard disk Recorder. And when I try to change the brand by next day they try to steal 25% amount from me. Finally I decided to keep it with a strong decision that I will not purchase anything from them and will always recommending their competitors to all my friends and relatives by hoping all drops will become a major flood one day.

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  • Ob
      Feb 14, 2009

    You people seem shocked at how crappy Customer Service is in Bahrain (and the fourth-world in general)? Bahrain has NO Customer Service, no ethics and no understanding on how to deal with customers at all! The lack of knowledge in any service-related industry is beyond a joke. It's like you are dealing with a bunch of three year olds. (They ARE, in fact - emotionally and developmentally!)

    Buy elsewhere and import it because the crap service, crap quality of products, and crap waste of time buying these crappy things only ages you.

    Take their money then spend it elsewhere. Greedy ###.

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  • Ob
      Feb 14, 2009

    Oops I meant to say that the "Customer Service" people, the managers, the store owners, and the higher-ups are the greedy ###. It sounded like I meant the consumers were but the customers are the ones getting screwed by the owners, etc, who ARE greedy ###!!

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  • Fr
      Mar 02, 2009


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  • Ra
      Mar 09, 2009

    I AGREE, THEY MANAGE THIER SHOP JUST LIKE MANAGING A SMALL CONVIENIET STORE!!! I never like thier service, would even bothered to buy from them.

    Customer service is never a priority, they treat you as you are begging from them to get YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

    Compare this shope to, once i was sent a defulted PS3 and after contacted them they have sent me a new one without even asking me to return the old PS3. unfortunetly trust is missing on sharaf dg and i wont spend a cent that shop.

    stupid management!!

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  • Ce
      Apr 20, 2009

    i agree, , their customer service SUCKS ! i wonder what is the use of having a customer sevice phone number where NO ONE'S ANSWERING A CALL but computer answering machine directing you to an operator after long time hanging but NO AVAIL !!! you really SUCKS guys!!!

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  • Pi
      May 05, 2009

    Yes I truly agree with almost everything here in Sharafs..they sucks big time..The customer service has no ethics and all they care is to sold theyre products and beyond that theyre become ###s..I would highly recommend to buy somewhere else or if you still wanna buy there..think hard so you wont get through the return and exchance process coz its sucks and theyre ###ing ### doesnt know how to succeed to their customer satisfaction..The management has to solve this before its too late..

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  • Mo
      May 15, 2009

    I totally agree…
    Is seem that two of that they have this business culture at DG Sharaf.
    Bad service and incompetent staff…
    Bad service: I bought a flash memory which turned to be defected and when I returned it – OH my god it I had to stand for one hour and move between their stuff which they did not know what the hell they were doing… incompetence which comes after ward…
    If any one of you want to know what is the definition of both go and buy from them or deal with there staff..

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  • Al
      Jul 15, 2009

    I was thinking like that only but when I went to Emax, they even refuse to change my Laptop with in 24 hours but i bought one camera from Sharaf dg they replace it and give a new one when their was some problem.
    But i will mention I think that they are are the best in market
    i am a happy customer of Sharaf dg
    Zafar Iqbal

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  • Li
      Aug 17, 2009

    I decided to downgrade my vaio laptop to Windows XP from Vista. I was advised to go to Sharaf DG at Time Square, which I really do regret. The technician spoke to me and my husband and told us that he could save my data and replace it when he installed Windows XP, he also asked us if we needed Office or Home Edition. My husband asked him 'why what's the difference of the two', the technician told us that if you want to connect to a network then choose office, and as we only needed it for home use we chose Home Edition.

    After calling and calling for 2 days and each time promised it would be ready soon, I was finally told to pick up my laptop. With my experience over the phone it was tragic, and found that with each person I spoke to they had the same attitude, arrogance and that they knew better than their customer. Yesterday I picked up my laptop only to find that ALL my soft ware was removed, including Norton Virus. I was furious as the technician didnt relate that information to me. However the technician told me 'you should know that we do not re-install software'. I didnt know. As I lost my job that same day, I begrudgingly handed over Aed700.00. To make matters worse, when I got home I found that no MS word, Exel or other basic MS windows software was uploaded. I immediately picked up the phone and spoke to a guy who told me that all the staff have gone home and to call back tomorrow, I was livid.

    So today I am going back to DG Sharaf to demand my money back or have them install the full software. I am still going to have to buy a new Norton virus software (I didnt keep the CV but I have the product key which doesnt work without the CD). So I feel I have lost out on the whole experience with DG Sharaf.

    The service is probably the worse service I have come accross in my 12 years of living in Dubai, be aware of the staff, they are sneaky, unprofessional and dont know how to communicate to their customers.

    Please excuse any spelling mistakes I would normally run it through MS word and spell check, but unfortunately I took my laptop to Sharaf DG and they removed my software for free!!! So expect the unexpected from them.

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  • Ja
      Sep 13, 2009

    I agree with Lisajayne's comments . I gave my son's Acer laptop to Sharaf DG Time Square for repairs as the LCD went blank within 1 year of the purchase. At the time of hand-over of the laptop to the so called Customer< don't > Care section of SDG, I was told that one of SDG Customer care agents will contact me in 2 to 3 days time to give repair cost as the warranty period has expired(a few days back)
    A week went by but no call from SDG. At the beginning of 2nd week I managed to contact the Time Square, after dialing 100 plus times, as usual I was promised that someone will contact me with the repair cost. That someone took another week to call me. As I had enough with the Customer< don't>Care of SDG, I told SDG that I just want the laptop back without any repair and thank you very much!!! I was told to come after 2-3 days to collect the laptop.I went there after 3 days to collect it, to my dismay the laptop was not there to collect. As I don't wanted to drive 60+ Km up&down to the Time Square again and again, I requested them to send the laptop to SDG, Deira City Centre. No problem Sir, you can collect it from there tomorrow after 4 PM. After going through all these nonsense and crappy customer service, I didnt trust the collect after 4PM story. So, I gave them 3 full days and went to SDG Deira City Centre. I asked for my laptop from the Customer Care, with my service receipt in hand, the guy at the counter opened all cupboards and drawers at the counter, made few phone calls and said " sorry we are yet to get your laptop " and asked my home location, what for???? Ahhhhhaaa...for home delivery, the curse is over and I am getting my laptop delivered to home by SDG ( Customer Care, at last) Finally, after 5 weeks of torture, I got the laptop back, of course without any repair. What a wonderful service!!!

    Happy news is that I got the laptop repaired from a shop in Bur Dubai within 2 hours for half the price quoted by SDG.

    The MORAL of the story is...

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  • De
      Sep 24, 2009

    My friend you should get full money without deducting 10%.

    I will suggest you to complaint to consumer department.

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  • Am
      Nov 12, 2009

    I totally agree with the comments made by the once upon a time customers of the Sharaf DG with regards to their response towards customer. I believe everyone took time to describe about their Bad/horrible experience at the sharaf...but no one gave suggestions as to solve the problem like where we have to complain (like costumer complain forum related to government) any suggestions related to this shall be highly appreciated

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  • Eg
      Dec 02, 2009

    its more than a week my fridge not cooling after couple of calls(sharaf DG, Bahrain) and reminders no body has taken any seriousness towards my complains excepts false i believe they really don't know how satisfy customer.


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  • Gr
      Jan 13, 2010

    I am an employee at SDG. Speaking from experience I'd say that indeed the customer care of SDG leaves a lot to be desired. However, despite all the accolades being given to the SDG services (read negative) even the customers are at fault on occassions. Sometimes customers will deliberately tear their Sales Invoices and expect returns/refunds after creating a scene. Sometimes it's their own fault which renders a product dysfunctional like tampering with it or being careless around water/liquids. Our problems are further complicated by the suppliers' behavior. People with an exposure to Europe or USA customer services tend to have greater expectations of us while the fact remains that we have to deal with the local suppliers and it's not always easy to oblige them to do the needful. As far as the employees are concerned we're never at a liberty to resolve customer problems without taking into account the company policies and procedures. Hell we end up getting our salaries deducted at times if an item gets stolen from the shop (Keep in mind the fact that most floor staff are being paid peanuts when you take into account the kind of unruly customers we have to deal with). We have no say in the company's policies/procedures and we also don't design the marketing strategy (much of it is just avaricious gimmickry I admit). Please do keep in mind that we'd love to see a smile on the face of our customers when they leave, not as employees of SDG but as humans. On several occassions I have recommended customers to purchase certain items elsewhere when I feel the prices charged are unfair. However, we'd appreciate some empathy on part of the customers as well because the treatment meted to us is also NOT ALWAYS FAIR.

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  • Bj
      Jan 25, 2010

    dear all,

    We have to understand onething... Dubai is a trading supportive country thts why they where safe in this tough time.Everyone talk about US/UK customer services (when we are customers not an owner of a retail shop)...these two areas are affected badly because of their blind customer supports and bluddy customers... they made their items bad and collected replacements from the shops/brands(sure, after shoutting or using bad words )

    here, most of the people are saying about deductions or not accepting the items back, but no one is telling about their product conditions...these stupids are opening the brands packagings/seal/trying the products...
    what a retail company will do with this products??????????????????no one like to purchase an open products. In UAE Retail industry, they have only 2 options; 1) return the product to the supplier for a repacking with the repacking payment(15% of the price) if they have packing support here in UAE
    2)sell the product with a 20 or 30 % discounted price

    Laptops/Cameras/mobiles are not exhanging as they have high chance to mishandle by customers of even by their friends or nightmates. Most of the cameras returing back by customers are damaged by sand(sand inside the lens unit), laptops are affected by virous or S/W correpted, mobiles are liquid damage or internal physical damages...dear friends, these all are not covered by warranty ...

    please understand...think that you are in your own shop... or your fathers shop(if you have one)



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  • Mk
      Jan 25, 2010

    i buy a camera from sharaf dg bahrain at that tim i ask the sales person do u have additional battery for this camera they told me that we dont have n stock but in a few days stock will be arrive.
    after two three week i went to them ask for additional battery they said to me we dont have i repat the same story to them they said to me we dont bargain the this brand.

    how cheap they are the time i bought the camera they said we have & later said we dont have. what the hill is this????

    M K Bahrain...

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  • Gm
      Jan 29, 2010

    I bought a Blackberry from Sharaf DG and had the dubai CID question me because it was reported as stolen!! I can't even return it because the CID are still investigating this. I checked online about Sharaf DG and came across this blog.

    If you google "worst electronics shop" this blog is on page 1. Seems Sharaf DG is a retailer to be avoided completely!


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  • Li
      Mar 18, 2010

    To those who write as an employee of SDG service centre..

    Grease117, come on you’ve got to be joking right, quote from your post ‘Sometimes customers will deliberately tear their Sales Invoices and expect returns/refunds after creating a scene. Sometimes it's their own fault’ . We understand that sometimes a particular customer can be at fault and awkward, but the posts written about SDG are from people that have a right to complain, who have experienced it first-hand and to use a phrase ‘sometimes customers do this etc’ is a bit naïve and speculative, besides we ALL talk about our OWN experience and not that of anyone else’s. Honestly I don’t normally take time out to post on a complaints board, but SDG’s service department deserves all the credit, twice in fact.

    I will personally react when being spoken to in a dismissive manner and don’t believe it has to do with language barriers etc. If a company places an employee in front of a customer the employee should be able to communicate in a customer service manner just as a waiter or taxi driver has to. It’s the same all over the developed world so why should Dubai/Bahrain be any different?

    I’m from the UK and never compare UK/US customer service to this region. But what I would expect is politeness and for the supervisor to listen, not to tell me how right the company is, and how wrong I am, and also that I should know the company procedures and more importantly understand the technicians’ loose explanation of technical issues. Basically I was told it was at fault and to take my laptop minus basic software I paid for.

    So the only solution is for SDG management to acknowledge that they have a problem and to take into consideration all suggestions and complaints and improve customer services overall, so that their customers remain loyal and do not take their business elsewhere. After-all SDG do not have the monopoly for this type of service, in future I will go to Computer Plaza in Bur Dubai.

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  • Ne
      Jul 13, 2010

    Dear Lisajayn,

    I am an Computer engineer, read your commends on downgrade from vista to XP, I beleive you have mistaken what is the process og downgrading.Downgrading not like just put WinXP CD and change the logo of Vista to XP.This two OS are working in didfferent technilogies.

    If you need to downgrade from Vista to XP, your old Vista will be wiped off and you will get new XP only which required to format your unit and install XP that will be totally have to install all progrmas which required.

    If you are asking XP to Vista uprade, to keep up your old software may be possible and it is also depends on the compatibility and version of theat s/w with Vista.

    I dont know about your other problems with DG sharaf .I would like to just put commends as I am also working in this field.

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  • Sa
      Jul 22, 2010

    sharaf DG Dubai, Deira ciy center. the most un-professional, time-wasting, rubbish, fraud, spine-less idiotic customer service and sales people in the world. Allah will ask u people nicely.

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  • Ca
      Aug 04, 2010

    I am 100% agree with this comments. they are cheating people.Even if you want to exchange they are saying as usual comment sorry sir we can't do. I don't understand that why they are not doing. even they mention there back side of payment slip except few item they will exchange withing 7 days. but they are not doing that.
    My self decided infuture i will not buy anything from this organisation anywhere.
    Everybody has to do same thing.

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  • Sh
      Sep 04, 2010

    i bought a toshiba laptop from sharaf dj bahrain...they said that the wifi works but it doesnt work i bought it for 350 bd for nothing

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  • Bu
      Sep 25, 2010

    sharaf customer car is CRAAAAP!

    id rather buy something worse from some other place and not step in that damn store!

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  • Al
      Oct 08, 2010

    Yes I do agree except, because I went through similar cases but I`am a good fight that is why I woin every time I ran through such a hastle; by the way I agree that the have extremely bad service in the region compared to USA famous electronics stores such as :Best Buy, Office Depot, Circuit City, Best, and others that I had experienced 15 years before !!

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  • Ja
      Jan 10, 2011

    From what i have seen in Bahrain for 5 years is a very unprofessional market for consumer in general.I am very fond of electronic gadgets.I wanted to buy speakers, so i went to different dealers including SDG, guess wat i have to decide to buy speaker by seeing how good they are and not by listening.SDG have audio room, but not all products are displayed, and the ones displayed are not connected, and if you want to listen to it thats another story...I read here someone was very concerned with consumer returning open products, that is where REFURBISHED word comes in...the returned product goes to the manufacturer and it comes out as factory refurbished...if SDG company policy does not have an agreement with the manufacturer, they cant blame consumer for it and ofcourse not charge 10%.First off not all products come to Bahrain, and by mistake if they come these so called agents will hike up the price like that product had reached COLDSTORE.Here its like if i am rich i will take agency for all the products i can (doesnt matter how many)and i will appoint least skilled staff i can get for less money in showroom so that i save the maximum.Consumer court can save some customers from this but provided they have to complain, which very few does.I am not saying that customer is always right, there maybe some which deliberately defects the product and ask for a refund.Most of the cases are because of customer being unaware of the product they are buying.Its the job of a salesman to understand the customer need and explain what exactly the product is, so there is no misunderstanding and no further hassles.These problems will remain until the attitude of the management, staff and policies change, which i don't think it will in near future.Till then all the best my dear consumers...Jack

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  • Th
      Feb 28, 2011

    sharaf DG, Bahrain is one of places that there are no customer services. I recently bought a Sony Bravia KDL40HX800 LED-LCD TV and a PS3 as a bundled offer. Both of items I received are having factory defects and I'm chasing sharaf DG team form about 1 month without having any response. I won't even think to buy anything from sharaf DG ever again.

    - An unhappy customer from Bahrain.

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  • Co
      Mar 24, 2011

    all of you must think more than twice before purchasing any item in any store. remember that they are not selling the item for customers who want to check it only and if not satisfied you will return. in any reason gift or not open piece is not acceptable reason because you already purchased it. be smart! ok! LOL

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  • Su
      May 03, 2011

    Two months back I purchased a Nokia C3 mobile from Sharaf DJ Mankool road, Dubai; its internal part that comes in contact with sim card came out. The costumer care of Sharaf DJ claims it is a physical damage to extort money for the replacement of manufacturing defect. Sharaf DJ does not respect the Warranty.

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  • Ga
      Oct 12, 2011

    It is always easy to blame a company or there company policies but double check about what u r saying i have seen all the complaints posted here were it clearly tells that u people are not aware of the policies. If u work in a company they have there own company policies which cannot bend for any body's wish and iam very sad to say that all are throwing very unparlimentary words which hurts. What about u consumers coming to shop they think that the staff are slaves to them we do respect the customer's who respectes us we will not even care about the people who think they have came from the sky so do think of what are u speaking before you speak...And never ever throw the words without knowing the truth...If at all you don't want to purchase why you want to step in to the showroom as you people know that SHARAF DG BAHRAIN is the biggest showroom in bahrain among all the electonics shop so you people are steping there and the PROMOTION which we make canno't be imagined by any other electronic outlets in bahrain..We are not asking you people to come and buy from us...And one great man was saying that the home theater room speakers not connected..We don't care to connect it what you people can do we will connect and we will play it for you and you people just want to pass time in the shop with the girls and you people don't even have a basic knoledge how to call a sales man ex---hello, showing the hand ...Are we animals so if you people will not buy are putting crap comments our business will not go down we are no--1 and we will be no--1 always...

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  • Mo
      Oct 19, 2011

    My experience of shopping electronics on amazon and ebay has been very good. Please don't pay high prices on electronics in Bahrain and online...seriously you get best prices. I have ordered a complete desktop pc much cheaper than anywhere in Dubai and Bahrain. Think million times before buying anything from Sharaf DG and Carrefour Bahrain. Their customer service is pathetic.

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  • Fi
      Jul 22, 2012

    Do you guys think that any of the retail shops in Middle East care about the customer care??????? I dont think so and even no use of this Complaint Board...who will read it and correct themselves!!!

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  • Mu
      Aug 17, 2012

    Hi I am the customer of DJ Sharf. i purchased new dell laptop. in start of the day. its very slow working. my friend say to me. its to much application. so it was slow. but after some days my Wifi card not detected. mean problem create in my laptop. so i go services center of DJ Sharf. he give me laptop after 8 days but my laptop is open everyware. why its repair. its main boad and wifi card change, but i receive a repair laptop. i need new laptop. i am not need tu refund, i am just tu change, plz accept my request. after i send the comments again. . thanks. and requst to DJ Sharf...

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  • Ma
      Dec 30, 2012

    The customer service levels experienced at Sharaf DG Abu Dhabi Mall is rock-bottom. Majority of the staff employed at the showroom clearly shows lack of proper training to handle customers and their attitude is defensive with no respect to customer views. I am sure if this is not tackled by the management effectively, business will go to its competitors. I had two occassions in the past when I brought a Sony 3D TV and a Nokia 920 Lumia phone that I had to deal with their customer service. I don't have any other words, but to say it was pathetic and I was shocked to find their defensive attitude with no respect to what I am saying. I have decided never to visit the brand again and only hope their management will take seriously the comments posted by the people here.

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  • Ne
      Nov 27, 2013

    Sharaf dg Bahrain has the most untrained and unprofessional staff I have ever get much better guidance and politeness if u visit smaller electronic shop in Manama suq...

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  • Ma
      May 27, 2014
    Sharaf DG - Asus Tablet
    Sharaf DG
    Abu Dhabi
    United Arab Emirates
    Phone: 0502540991

    I wants to make a complaint against the sharaf Dg as I have bought a Asus tablet from them in last july 2013, after 2-3 months we find some battery problem than we went to sharaf DG they have kept around 20 days that device and than return to us saying its working now, then again after one month we find the same problem than again they kept around month then return to us saying we have sent this to ASUS and its working again.
    Now again we have faced the problem and the device is with them only I have requested to them that please replace the device as third time we are facing the same problem but they are not listening to me and they are saying that if you will not collect we will send this device to Municipality.
    I am really very upset from their behaviour as they are the leading electronic retailer but they are not providing any after sale service.
    My problem is that we hardly use the device most of the time it was them only and now even warranty its going to be expire.
    and I think this is the warranty condition that if any electrical item have same problem more than two time in curtain time frame the company has to replace the item.
    I am very upset please advice.
    Masroor Khan

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