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Yardley, PA, United States Review updated:

I gave my Pug Sergeants Silver Tick medicine and he damn near died ! He started salivating within an hour and scratching uncontrolably and kept biting/licking his paws, on top of acting "j erky " w/ body movements. After a half day of this ( as once and awhile he actually acted normal ), I finally called the vet who told me to give him 25mg. of Benadryl every 12 hrs. When this didn't seem to work, I went on the internet as saw that dogs ( especially little ones ) have even died from this due to allergic reactions. I was mortified and bathed him w/ Dawn dish soap as that's what others said they did and I took him to the ER ( as it was the middle of the night by this time ) where they gave him a steroid shot, muscle relaxers and Vitamin E and said luckily he hasn't gone into spasms. So, $139.98 later ( on top of the Benadryl and the days work I lost to the tune of $250.00 ( from being up all night ), the Vet said he " should " be alright in a day or so. The poor little thing is breathing hard as he certainly doesn't understand why he's itching ( the Vet said he feels like he has pins and needles ) and why he can't sleep, thus, he's worked-up and if anyone knows Pugs, they have breathing problems to begin with ! I'm not letting this go and Sergeant had better hope he's going to be okay ! I'm submitting a nasty letter to them, demanding reimbursement and I'd like to know if anyone else out there feels like partaking in a law suit as I certainly intend to do something !

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      8th of Jul, 2010

    We have a 15 lb Bichon/Maltese mix. My husband applied the Sergeant's Silver flea and tick meds yesterday for the first time. We have always used another brand. The dog almost immediately starting acting like he was on crack! He was running as fast as he could from one room to another, jumping all over the furniture, scratching, having jerky movements and not being able to sit in one position for more than a few seconds. It took us awhile to figure out what was going on and then my husband mentioned the meds. We gave him a bath but that really didn't help. He seems to be better this morning, but time will tell. I finally googled the product this morning and found all this information. I wish I would have done this last night. We will not be using this product again and I will be filing a complaint with the company.

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