Sensationnel / Hair

1 Lakeland, FL, United States

I brought two packs of sensationnel premium now, one pack was a 16" and the other pack was an 14". The both where a 1b (color ). I called twice before I went up there to take the hair back, first time I spoke with a woman that work there an she said he would have to look at it to determine if we can take it back I said ok. The second time I called I spoke with a man/the owner (name unknown ), he said "was the pack cut " I said " no I haven't cut the hair " he Said ok bring it in " I said " ok". I took the hair back up there he said no I can not take it back but to remind you I spoke with him and he said bring It back because it wasn't the same color as a 1b(off black) it was more like a number 4(dark brown).the 14" cost were $39.99.


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