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some one took money from my account.but I didn't know about that.he took money twice from my account.they did that transaction through a account called They first time took money Rs.5307.56 on 04.08.2014 without my permission from my debit card and they took money for the second time Rs.5306.74 on 02.09.2014 without my permission.I need my money back as soon as email [protected]

Sep 14, 2014
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  • Za
      Nov 26, 2008 - Debiting from my bank accoung
    hamstead rd B43 5TB
    England, West Midlands
    United Kingdom

    I have have had monies debited from my account unauthourized for purchases I have not made on regular monthly bases for 2 months.I would like and expernation for why this happening and how to stop this happening again.

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  • Nu
      Feb 16, 2009 - unauthorized charge
    United States

    Today an unauthorized charge for $39.95 showed up on my account from the above business. They stated it was an online charge from [protected] I have never heard of this email address or this person, or Segpayeu. The bank statd they would reverse it.However my account has obviously been compromised.

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  • Ct
      Jul 25, 2009 - Debiting of Account
    United States

    For the past 4 months (at least) you have charged me £22.00 for a service I have never
    asked for . Please advise why you have been taking this amount and refund by credit card accordingly. Please reply promptly as i will be taking this issue further if no response within 7 days

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  • Ma
      Apr 14, 2010 - unaurthorized charge
    United States

    I have never been to this site and have never even heard of this. I have a charge of 34.95 coming out of my bank account from this website as the creditor!

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  • Ja
      Aug 06, 2010

    it is currently happening to me with segpayEU, ten dollars every month and for what ? nothing...

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  • Ag
      Nov 30, 2010

    Call your card company right away!
    I called and destroyed this card right away.
    I hate low life scammers!!!
    They will rot tomorrow in hellll

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  • To
      Dec 28, 2010 - unauthorized bank charges

    lately i've been receiving a monthly charge of $9.00 from on my monthly statement. i am not aware of it. it's just that when i checked my account i saw this recurrent billing details. please do some investigation on this site. thanks.

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  • Za
      Feb 02, 2011

    i faced the same problem too...
    so what happen after u file this complain?

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  • Ro
      Mar 08, 2011

    I have recieved my bank statement showing that one pound and ninty fourpence, also another purchase of twelve pound and nintyfive pence
    from my account .Please could you tell me for what reason am i am paying this.
    With Regards.

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  • Sa
      Jun 07, 2011 - taking money out of my visa.
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    you are taking money out of my account i have never had dealings with you i have put a stop on my visa.

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  • Mr
      Jul 25, 2011

    I'also been having money taking out of my account for the past few months £19.99 without my authorization for a service I never had or asked for.
    Could you please advise me how to stop this and refund the monety to my account or I will take this issue further until I get my money back.

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  • Do
      Nov 22, 2012

    i do not to be subscribed to

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  • Ma
      Aug 30, 2014

    13/08/2014 0, 00 24, 95
    14/08/2014 EPOCH.COM *RUSEFUL 0, 00 24, 95
    14/08/2014 0, 00 24, 95
    15/08/2014 0, 00 29, 95

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  • Pd
      Dec 22, 2014

    I have money taking out of my account by this company that I don't know nothing about this company. How dare they took my money that I did not authorized. Know they have overdrawn my account. I want them to pay all my money back and also my overdrawn fees too. If they don't I am going to sue them.

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  • Di
      Dec 26, 2014 - took money out of my account
    United States

    I was looking on my bank account and seen a 39.99 charge from this website. ..I would like to know why I have a charge and I want my money back pls get back with me asap at [protected] want my money back on my card

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