SedgwickCMSrun around answers/ineffective/uncooperative

To whom it should concern:
After having to quit my job at Starbucks I have been having to play phone tag with Sedgiwck company for about a month in regards to my leave of absence that took place almost four months ago. The people who "helped" me over telephone were not friendly nor helpful. They then told me I had a deadline to get in paperwork which is in 6 days. I really don't understand why they didn't communicate this with me. Furthermore, they did not answer any of my questions and I called about 7 times for information. Every time I called they told me to call this person and then call that person and then another person. When I asked for an extension date on my deadline for the paperwork they denied it because they picked up the phone 4 times. Yet they didn't help me once. This company needs to re-consider how it treats its customers.

Jan 22, 2015

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