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Sedgwick Insurance / sears home delivery damage claim

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Sears Outlet delivered a fridge to my house and in the process there was damage done to my old fridge. This is 6 months ago and Sears fails to respond, fails to do anything other than give me the run around. Apparently there is an insurance company called Sedgwick that handles their claims and no one ever calls back or does anything. It has been months since the claim was filed and I can't even get a call on it, forget the money I am owed! No one speaks english when I call and that makes the process take forever! So annoying!! Who has time for that? Sears has really gone downhill! I used to shop there a lot and get all of my appliances from them. Now I've moved to home depot.

Mar 3, 2013
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  • Se
      7th of Mar, 2013
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    Dear kristennorthrup,

    Our apologies for the trouble you are experiencing while dealing with our Sedgwick department. I see my colleague Christine has reached out previous offering our assistance. We are still here ready and willing to help you get this resolved. If you would like our assistance, please send the following information – contact # for your mother, screen name (kristennorthrup), phone # used at time of purchase to and we’ll be in touch!

    Thank you,
    Misty H.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

  • Ms
      1st of Aug, 2014
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    Almost two months ago, we had our dishwasher serviced, and the tech who did the job also accidentally knocked a hose out while the dishwasher was still installed and water gushed out into our floors, down our walls into our basement. We have significant water damage. The technician left without taking any pictures, despite the package he had for damages done had a camera in it. He said we'd be contacted in a couple days. We have been calling Sears, the lovely French Canadians that don't give a ### about you. We have contacted Sedgwick, and again and again also got the run around from everyone. We've never recieved a call back. And been without a dishwasher for two months now!! We managed to get the executive numbers of Sears, and contacted the CEO. Yep. We finally had someone call us to get someone to come and take a look at the damage done etc, and put our dishwasher back in. So my appointment was today. I came home early from holidays specifically for my appointment. And guess what, no one shows up...WTF. My husband then spends an hour on hold waiting for customer service and then gets hung up on! He calls back, and waits another hour! Still no solution. I am beyond pissed with Sears, I will never buy a product from them again. It's seriously pathetic.

  • Di
      15th of Jun, 2015
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    They owe over 25k for not replacing a $600 dishwasher. It's been almost two years of calling and finding Sears insurance Company. Now the claims adjuster is trying to milk the clock. Statue of Limitations is running out. He has everything he needs to pay the claim. The techs have been screwing around with this dishwasher and putting bandaids on the problem. They caused mold, water damage and respatory problems for one person and their poodle. No accountability. Sears is the only and last company to touch the dishwasher. American Homeshield warranty company contracted them to come out. We forced American Homeshield to replace the two appliances they continued charge service charges to. Just write the check Sedgwick.

  • R2
      8th of Sep, 2015
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    After receiving payment starting in late June they sent a letter stating that it would stop because of no medical reports. Asked doctor about it and he said it's ( bull crap ) his office emails & fax to adjuster. Not able to get phone calls returned from adjuster to answer why I have no income . Now I'm stressed, depressed & still in pain

  • Ra
      6th of Jun, 2016
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    I also am in a similar situation. We had a fridge delivered and it caused thousands of dollars in damage to our new home. We have been trying everything to resolve this matter and still no luck. Absolutely will never buy anything again from sears as they care nothing about their customers. That's how I feel.

  • Sm
      12th of Sep, 2016
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    A Sears washing machine repairman came to my house to replace a seal inside the washer with a punctured liner. After doing that, he attempted to adjust the plumbing, broke a valve and caused water to come gushing out, filling the entire bathroom floor and leaking through my wooden floors into the basement. He admitted he was not supposed to touch the plumbing, and file a claim. It has been 1.5 months now and despite 6 calls and 4 emails to Sears insurers, Sedgwick, I have not been able to get in touch with either my assigned claims associate Matthew Greenlee or his supervisor. Sears custormer service picks up every time, sounds sympathic, writes "a note" on my account and then tells me there is nothing they can do except connect me to Sedgwick. The repairman caused $8, 000 in water damage to my bathroom and additional $400 to fix the plumbing. I did not pay for the repair as damage was caused and now I am received collection notice when sears is the one that owes me thousands of dollars.

  • Ha
      24th of Oct, 2016
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    Call to have our ice machine fixed. The tech turned our water on stating it was caused by a crimp in the water line.
    He also stated we needed a new valve and manifold. That evening our finished basement filled with water. Drywall ceilings buckled. Water coming out of the fixtures. Wood floors now lifted in front of the fridge.
    When Fred came back two weeks later he couldn't get out fast enough. I even have my receipt not signed by me.
    Sedgwick blames GE ~ GE stated this was the fault of the technician who should have turned the water off asap.
    I am so getting the revolving door. Yesterday, sears told me it would be in my best interest
    To hire a lawyer at this point. Sedgwick has 90 days to come out and recovery should be granted. So far I am the one who has had to pay for all the work.
    Let alone the stress of mold, anxiety, and just plain angry.
    This company should be investigated for fraud!

  • Ck
      28th of Feb, 2017
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    Same issues with Sears and claims dept. as these folks.
    I'm beyond fed up! It's obvious Sears will not be business for much longer! Whatever happened to customer service???
    So disappointing

  • Ms
      18th of Apr, 2017
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    Same issues Sears delivery and installation team caused severe water damage to my kitchen when they installed my refrigerator by not connecting the ice maker properly. I filed a claim and have heard nothing back from them. I was advised that I cannot obtain a direct number or email for them.

  • Dt
      12th of Jun, 2017
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    oh my gosh! Can't believe I found this website. On May, 19, 2017, I had a new refrigerator from the Sears delivery to my home. The delivery men damaged a turn off value under my sink, thinking it was the turn off for the water line causing severe water damage to my kitchen cabinets, items and created black mold. I contracted them immediately (800) to the Philippines. The gentleman called me within an hour, stating he filed a claim and someone would be out the next day to take pictures. He asked me to texted him the 9 pictures in which I did. A full week later, I called to follow up, he THEN told me that he needed an written estimate. I faxed it to him on June 1st. and followed up with a call to Alex. AT WHICH TIME, he instructed me to call the Sears store to fill a CLAIM!! I was flabbergasted ! He had kept telling me these past few weeks that HE was filing the claim. I called the 800 AGAIN. They seemed ( Philippines, had to understand, can't get a manager on the line) to say, yes there is a claim filed. WELL, on June 7th, I call Alex, and told him about the call to the 800 #, he said he would follow up. It is now 6/12th and haven't heard from him. On June 9th, I called customer concerns, who transferred me to property repair, who had me on hold for 37minutes and I called back just to get transferred to RIsk Management. A very kind gentleman, said that I should have been dealing with SEDGWICK Claims and would send a email to them to contact me. ALL in ALL, I'm quite disappointed at this point, and hope this gets resolved. IF anyone has any insight or assistance. I would be grateful . Thank you

  • Ki
      19th of Jun, 2017
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    I'm having the same issue with Sedgwick. We purchased a GE dishwasher from Sears Hardware in March 2017. It was the floor model that was on clearance. First time I ran the dishwasher the water would not stop running into it. Had to shut off the water and electric to the dishwasher to get it to stop. Water leaked out under and ruined my kitchen/den floor which had to replaced. Been getting the run around from them and Sears for three months.

  • Se
      11th of Sep, 2017
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    I am having the very same issues people have been describing. I have filed a claim with all supporting documentation more than 2 months ago. A Sears tech came to my house to fix a door issue and broke my dishwasher's drain hose. My house was flooded, walls damaged, and hardwood warped. The Sedgwick representative (Rebecca Suwanski) ignores all emails and phone calls. It seems like their business model is stalling claims, frustrating customers, until the customers give up. Has anyone considered a law suit agains Sears and this insurance company? How have you managed to solve your issues?

  • Mi
      30th of Oct, 2017
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    Wow. I was searching for a particular contact from Sedgwick when I came across this page. We had a dishwasher installation issue through Best Buy's Geek Squad which resulted in water damage to two levels in our home, and they use Sedgwick Claims as well. Eventually they sent out another subcontractor for reinstallation, and they damaged our cabinetry and countertop! Sedgwick has been responsive, but they had another subcontractor ("Custard") adjuster come out and they claim to have still not heard back from that adjuster - for the FIRST claim. This was FOUR weeks ago now. Absurd. I'm ready to threaten legal action. We are a family of seven and it has affected our quality of life.

  • Se
      25th of Apr, 2018
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    I was finally paid! It took over 8 months for Sedgwick to get their act together, me arguing with clerks that don't seem to like their jobs and don't seem to care about what customers are going through. The person dealing with my claim, Ms. Rebecca, was useless and rude. I'm not sure how those people keep their jobs. I'm glad I'm over the aggravation of dealing with Sears and Sedgwick. Good luck to you all

  • Ls
      21st of Sep, 2018
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    Going to add to this list. Bought a refrigerator from Sears Outlet, paid them for delivery and installation. They incorrectly hooked up the ice-maker water line and caused severe water/mold damage, to the tune of 11k+. Sears/Sedgwick has refused to take responsibility and closed my claim while directing me to their 3rd-party delivery service. The 3rd party "XPO" has offered less than half for settlement. Contacted an attorney, was advised that it was SEARS responsibility, not XPO, as I paid Sears for delivery/installation. Re-contacted Beth Rodriguez at Sedgwick, she refused to re-open my claim, said that Sears does not install refrigerators, and said, "that's just too bad for you". When I asked for a letter stating Sedgwick's rationale, she refused to provide one. I then asked to speak with her supervisor, Jamie Losniack. Instead of transferring me, Beth hung up. Have left several messages since to Sedgwick/Jamie. No response. Finally got hold of Beth again and asked for their contact information (service agent) so that they can be served with a legal Complaint. Beth refused and said that they have no contact information, no physical address, no nothing...and asserted that I would need to sue Sears, not Sedgwick. Note: Both/all will be named in the Complaint, plus Does.

  • Ha
      18th of Oct, 2018
    +1 Votes

    L Schaffer, did you settle the claim? My claim is over 2 years old and is for a flood caused by the Sears washer repair person. I immediately gave them pics, estimates, etc— everything they asked for — and the claim dragged on! I was told a month ago (Sept 2018) that the adjuster had closed my claim and then quit her job! I placed many phone calls to Jamie “incompetent” Lesniak and reminded her that a resident of Washington State has 3 years to file a lawsuit for this kind of incident. Jamie then reopened my claim, but they again dragged their feet. On 10/16/18, I received a call from adjuster Brigid Duda that the claim is now on hold due to Sears filed for bankruptcy on 10/15/18! In other words, they aren’t proceeding with my claim! Did anyone else receive a similar call? What can I do? Thanks

  • Ls
      19th of Oct, 2018
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    My claim is still processing, but I am dealing directly w/the 3rd party carrier that Sears contracted out to deliver my refrigerator. XPO adjuster came back out and re-did their estimate as they failed to figure in the mold damage the first time. Sedgwick is absolutely USELESS but I did finally get a letter out of them disavowing their responsibility for future reference if need be. Anyway, it looks like the 3rd-party (XPO) is offering more than they did at first. Their excuse was that they "didn't know" about the mold at first, even though they had pictures and you could SMELL it (my pantry that buts up next to the fridge can't be used because of it. Actually had to take a crowbar to the baseboards to the baseboards and the shelves in the pantry and remove them so they could SEE the mold up front and personal (Custard adjusters). Crazy.
    Anyway, and I'm sure not giving you legal advice, but if I were you I would file a lawsuit. IDK what the cap is in WA for small claims or the amount of your damage...file in small claims or file in limited civil (10k and 25k respectively in my state). You can go to the WA Secretary of State website and find out who exactly accepts service for Sears and/or Sedgwick (service agent). That's who you send your lawsuit to besides your court. Probably pretty easy to DIY, as (I hope) WA uses forms and you primarily check boxes, LOL. The last required form is called a Proof of Service (it's a judicial form) and after you get that back, file that with the court, too. The court will assign you a court date.
    You can bring up the forms you need (if WA has them) for free by visiting WA court's website. Hopefully with instructions. Again, IDK about WA, but here you need a cover sheet, too (another form).
    Not sure how the bankruptcy thing is going to work out, but you might also need to file in bankruptcy court as a creditor of Sears to protect yourself. Keep ALL your paperwork/photos/(evidence) and attach to your lawsuits. Most importantly, get it in writing that Sedgwick/Sears is "holding" your claim because of the bankruptcy. DON'T MISS YOUR SOL (Statute of Limitations) or else you will have no recourse.
    Hope that helps.

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