Sedgwick Claims Management / angel dabney/insurance adjuster

Remington, IN, United States

I was injured on the job a year ago, and Angel Dabney is the insurance adjuster assigned to my case. She doesn't return phone calls, emails, and voicemails. Somtimes it has taken up to a week. I was also awarded 2/3 of my pay every week, and she is constantly forgetting to issue me a check . She has forgotten Somtimes for 3 weeks then she will Fed ex 2 checks. Then I might get one on time . I have had 3 seperate instances were they have gotten lost (so she says) it's been almost a month since I received a check. I have asked her about direct deposit and no response.I keep receiving a doctor bill for $160 from May 25, 2016 last year . I have submitted the bill several time's and yet it still hasn't been paid (as of April 27, 2017)! I'm afraid it's going to be put on my credit! My electric is about to be shut off for nonpayment, and AGAIN my rent is 19 days late! She is 3 checks behind ( I never received a check from April 26 I guess it's lost again) It will be 4 checks as of May 22nd that she hasn't issued.(counting the one from April 26 that I asked her to cancel and reissue, and I know she is aware of, BUT I believe she is upset because of the overwhelming emails and phone calls. Also I don't understand why I have to wait month's to get reimbursed for my mileage?

May 19, 2017

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