Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. / wrongful termination

Ontario, United States

Securitas Security in Ontario Ca. Shame on you Miguel Juehuey Carlos Perez Nick Griego Mickey Berrera and others for your misconduct. Security at this Kaiser enjoys abusing patients. I seen one guard physically punch a patient who was mentally ill and trying to get away while the supervisor watched and handcuffed the patient and another gaurd on top of him. I had to grab the patient in order to keep him from running onto the freeway trying to get away from they one who was punching him. This not the first time I seen a Ontario Kaiser security officer who works for Securitas hit and mistreat a patient. Then some these same d1ckheds write up a fake story to cover there azz and blame it on me. Then when i report getting hurt do to Carlos's anger management problems I get fired for allegedly not reporting that he punched a patient yet he still working there!! Then I find out one stupid fat nurse who wasn't even there writes a complaint about me for a patient that wasn't doing anything harmful in an attempt to get me in trouble. And securitas ignores my complaint to get medical attention when i have a swollen ankle from when patient kicked me and bruises from falling while grabbing the patient away from the gaurd who sleeps his entire shift in the empty nurses station instead of patrolling like he should be. And if you ever work at any off the Kaisers in southern California as a security don't expect the Union to help you. They just take your money. They all talk. Point of story Kaiser Security abuses there patients. Oh man. I wish I had the photos. Securitas YOU SUCK!!!

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