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J Review updated: presents its booking system with a German website. Wenn booking a flight the come up with a huge creditcard fee of 9€ (in my case 5% of the booking Value!). But they also propose a possibility to avoid these charges when paying with American Express (AMEX). As you can see on the screenshot they propose the possibility but you can can chose it in the menu (see screenshot).
I complained about it in German and I received an answer back that they only speak english (not exeptable if you present your offer in German with an .de website) futhermore they refuse to reimbure my 9€ credit card fee.

I would say avoid this website, its a scam!



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      Jun 21, 2012

    I also booked flights with Seat24. Whenever I tried to call the help line from New Zealand to Sweden (+46 [protected]) not only was the waiting time over 20 mins each time but the lady I spoke to was rude and not helpful at all. The Airline itself couldn't help me and I had no choice to deal with this woman from Seat24. She was extremely rude and gave me attitude when I asked about Unaccompanied Minors. I rang a second time and she again rudely gave me her opinion. Then the 3rd time I called to change flight dates for myself she told me that there were not very many seats left and that they would be too expensive for me. This woman doesn't know me or how much I earn per year, (probably 5 or 6 more times than her). When I said forget it I'll just keep this ticket she hung up... ###! I hope she reads this. Im a lead role actress in the Lion King Germany biiarch, I earn 7, 000 euro a month. It is of my opinion that she just didn't want to help me because it was too complicated for her to organize the change. Lazy, rude and completely judgmental... Don't ever book with Seat24!!! This woman was not worth the horrible Customer Service (or Non-Service for that matter) experience. So because she couldn't be bothered helping me I now have to fly back to Germany early and miss my son's Graduation... Hope she gets fired when someone read this. ... Disgruntled Unhappy Customer.

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      Jul 10, 2012

    I have also had problems with Seat24! I've been trying to perform a simple task of changing my flight. Unfortunately, this seems to be beyond the capabilities of Seat24. I've tried repeatedly to call them only to endure the company of an answering machine. As pleasant as this is, I would rather spend my money travelling than listening to a foreign answering machine. I got to know the answering machine quite well, but I am only able to listen to them 4 hours a day. I wanted to improve our relationship so I attempted to contact them by email. Luckily for me, the answering machine has a friend, who sends delightful automated responses to my communication. In increasing desperation for a human voice, I sort out the contact details of their managing directors, to my great surprise, their managing director is in fact human (I think)! This managing director managed to find a human for me to talk to. Seat24 had let me to believe that the total cost of changing my flight would be 65 Euros, this figure is already higher than many of their competitors. However, when Seat24 decided to respond my communications, this quoted figure has suddenly grew to 250 Euros! So never use Seat24!

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      Jul 10, 2012


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      Oct 15, 2012

    Seat24 is a SCAM ! ! ! ! It would take a Tolstoy-length comment for me to describe the troubles my family had because we foolishly booked our flights through these people. As with one of the commentators, I also spoke to an incredibly rude woman who started yelling at me on the phone. Yelling. I could not believe my ears. When I asked to speak with her supervisor she said 'no' and then told me 'well, as I have told you a hundred times, it just isn't possible to take care of your problem'. Nice. The 'problem', by the way, was due to their error. In the end, and please do not even ask, we ended up having to buy 7 tickets for three people. Trying to register a complaint against them legally- NEVER book with this group.

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      May 27, 2013

    They charged me 20 Euro (!!!) credit card fee and this was not clear visible. The UK government's trading and competition authority, the Office of Fair Trading, has already ruled that debit card surcharges must be included in the headline price of flights. Thus we need to escalate the Seat24 customer treatment to the authority. Also a service fee I had to select extra later, which was 10 Euro, I had to select this option as I was not sure if I have to change my flight later and then might need their service. Overall I had to pay 30 Euros more then expected, thus Seat24 was not the best offer in the search engine. Better have had booked another flight.

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      Aug 23, 2013

    Thanks to all of the commenters! I just was about to book flights with SEAT 24. So I rather will not do so. Better to take into account a bit more of travel costs than to get such surprises!
    I also recommend to all of you not to book over travel2be or travelgenio, it surprises customers negatively, no confirmation, no respond by mail, incompetent call center workers.

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      Nov 04, 2013

    I just had a terrible experience with Seat24, after realizing moments after pressing "pay" for a second time, because the first time encountered a page error, that my return flight was a month off (december instead of november) even though I was absolutely positive that everything was correct initially. After calling Seat24 moments later in panic, the woman on the other line said that the best she could do was cancel the flight for a charge of 30 euros, plus the 12.99 charge for paying - which is just absolutely despicable in the first place. So basically they kept 43 of my euros for doing something that cost them less than 2 minutes of their time and should basically be part of any normal customer service. They, however, are a bunch of scam artists and I will never ever book a flight with them again.

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      Oct 10, 2014

    Seat24 is a FRAUD
    Dear Friends,
    In order to save your money so you can spend them on something else and better, please dont use Seat 24 when you are booking your flights:
    1. Seat24 is a fraud company with not easily accessible customer service and bad system. In order to ask if my flight ticket can be re-booked, it took 30 minutes on hold on the phone
    2. Providing inaccurate information: They told me it can be re-booked under certain fee. Based on that i re-arranged all my other plans and called back to do the re-booking. After 45 min being on hold again, they said its ok, we will send you a link to pay. It turned out all of that is a lie.
    3. Instead fixing the problem they cause, they just make additional charges: Once i did the additional payment, i was told it is not possible to make the re-booking for November and i cant get refunded. Apparently the airplane company has strict rules. Then i called the airplane company and i was told there is no such thing, the flight can be re-booked for anytime and since Seat24 has paid the ticket, its up to them to make the re-booking.
    4. Using lame excuses like its the airline company`s fault even though the airplane company does not have such restrictions: I contacted back Seat 24 explaining that this is a fraud and i caught them in lie, but they still continue with their excuse that the airplane company is the problem.
    Yes, they burned me down with flight ticket and additional charges for re-booking. Please avoid Seat24 when booking your flights

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      Nov 27, 2014

    don't you ever try to reach the customer service

    worst customer service ever in the history of everything!!!

    rude staff, incabable of doing simple tasks...

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