SCSsofa delivery

I purchased a sofa from your West Thurrock store a few weeks ago. Last week I had a call to arrange our deliver for Thursday 28th. At around 16.30pm I had a call from the warehouse to tell me that the sofa wasn't on the load and so won't be delivered. When we called back to get some information we were pasted to multiple different people and no one could tell us anything. I then rung the warehouse throughout Thursday who continued to tell us that they didn't know where the sofa was, when it would get in, what had happened to it or when we would get anything. I never once received an apology on the phone and at one stage a girl laughed at my situation as I told her it was m birthday this weekend and needed the sofa for this occasion. The then proceeded to call the Thurrock store throughout Thursday and Friday. I was helped by a girl named Charlie who told me on Friday that the distributor claimed that the sofa was on the load and was delivered to the warehous, and the warehouse were saying that they didn't receive the sofa. So essentially the sofa was lost and no one knew where it was. Charlie told me she was trying to find out what had happened to it. She told me she would have a response for me within a few hours. I called back within those few hours and got through to a man who I didn't take the name of and received the worst customer service I have ever had. He shouted at me on the phone and was incredibly rude and said ‘what do you want me to do get in my car and go down there and find it for you? NO, you will have to wait and stop calling us'. I am at my complete witts end with your company. You have taken our money and not deleivered our sofa or even know where it is and I am supposed to sit around and wait for you to sort it out. This is unacceptable.

Nov 30, 2018

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