SCS / damaged sofa, cambridge store were rude and offered no solutions

Cambridge England Cambridgeshire, GB
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Bought a 'JO' sofa set from Cambridge store. We haven't moved into our new house yet so all items are still wrapped and brand new. I unwrapped the swivel chair, it was noisy and rattled to sit on. Got in touch with customer care, was told not to worry and they would send engineer to inspect. This took a couple of weeks. Was advised that I did not have to accept a repair as items were new. Agreed this with engineer over the phone. My brothers carer had to let them in as I was working. The engineer used this chance to stuff the bottom of the chair with foam to prevent the noise of metal rubbing on metal. This will eventually wear and the noise will return. But I will have less rights as items will no longer be new. Today I called scs and they were quite pleased with themselves as all they kept repeating was they have a signature that a repair was carried out. Even though we specifically agreed not to allow that. But I wasn't at the property to prevent him from doing it. I have photo / video evidence and phone record of letter sent to engineer the day before. Not sure what to do, all I want to do is exchange the swivel chair for a rigid chair... The video I have clearly shows the engineer acknowledging that he agreed he wouldn't carry out any repair work. This comment won't allow me to upload photos. Not impressed with SCS at all!!

Nov 03, 2016

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