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My letter to the local scott lawn service:
This service was never authorized by me and in fact I refused it when solicited by phone!
I responded to a phone call asking if I wanted the service; when I was told of the price I declined saying I had a local person who has been doing for me for $225.
In addition, Michelle, or someone at the office was to call to schedule each service; I received no call for this service or the previous service.
When I called to complain I was told by Michelle that the manager would be in contact. This never happened. She did say she would cancel further service calls.
Last week I had to stop one of your techs from doing anything to my lawn. He said he would ensure I would not hear from Scotts again.

In summary:
1. My lawn was seeded when I had declined during the phone solicitation.
2. No one called in advance, as is the procedure, or I would have declined again.
3. After telling Michelle I did not want any more service, a tech showed up weeks later; again without a call ahead.
4. On a previous service call, again without a call ahead, the tech spread fertilizer and weed killer even though my lawn was torn up to put in an irrigation system and level the uneven areas, can’t believe anyone would do that without ever mentioning the condition of the lawn.

I am totally disgusted with the lack of communication and procedural screw-ups.

I would like to speak with the manager before I forward this complaint to the BBB.

Oct 17, 2014
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  • Pe
      Nov 11, 2014

    I have the same problem. I signed up to have an estimate. They asked for my credit card and told me I will not be charged until service is done. I said to them "no, I will not give you my credit card." She said: "It is OK."
    Few days later, suddenly the guy call me for service. I said: "I have to check with my wife if she agrees to do it or not and I will call you back."
    Now I have received the bill for $70 and $7 dollars for late fee.
    Today I got a letter from American Profit Recovery, it is collection agency asked me to pay for this amount.
    What should I do? Any help million thanks. Please help me by send me email: [protected]

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  • An
      Jun 21, 2016

    Yes...I have same problem..always they call me for extra service ...always I say No..Thanks...last time I take a few days out of the country wen I come back I have a Bill on my door for $150.00...I call spoke to a Customer Service and she want me to pay for..I cancel complete the service...I will report this issue to the Government same complain for a different customers..

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