Scotts Lawn ServiceFired for being a good employee

The GM fired me because he was caught running the trucks in very bad conditions. I told him my air condition belt was squealing at least two or three times. When confronted by a higher up he lied and said I never told him. I am an honest Christian hardworking individual and stood up for myself. To save his own job he fired me on the first day that I would not be considered a seasonal employee anymore.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Geismar, LA When I asks for an explanation Larry Vallier claimed he legally did not have to tell me anything. Later that day he admitted to other employees that he lied. This company is a joke and run by a bunch of greedy Yankees who have no business coming to the south and messing with the financial stability of good people. Don't work for them, and if you are a customer watch the tech the entire time they are on your property. They are only concerned about placing a bill on your door and would rather you not be home while they work. The south will rise again...

May 03, 2014

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