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UPDATE - I cancelled the service months but these crooks keep coming out - I asked them to leave my yard, few days later I chased the guys out of my yard...I had to advise and then demand they not return . I come a few days later and my yard had a treatment sign in the yard. They snuck back into my yard and put down their treatment and NOW they have the nerve to send me a bill!

Simple - not worth the money!... As I'm re-sodding my back yard from all the dead areas they created.

First treatment they burnt areas by over fertilizing, I called them back out and the technician blamed my sprinklers . They offered another treatment to fix the dead areas...I had to call them back out - this time they told me it was bugs - they treated again at my expense - NO Help!!!

Called them back out since things were getting worse without any improvement...this time they told me its not bugs but a fungus... They treated again at my expense - - NO Improvement!!!

NEXT they were back to blaming my sprinklers after still no improvement the technician claimed I was either over watering or under watering.

Called them back out again and they wanted to sell me some other treatments and service... After a few months with no change I cancelled but they continue to call and harass me 2-3 times a week wanting to sell me additional treatments.

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  •   Aug 03, 2012

    post a sign in your yard at the area where they will plainly see it that says "no trespassing". then call the cops when they step foot and start doing the next treatment. problem solved

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  • Am
      Aug 03, 2012

    RSM JR,

    I am happy to help you, but I can't identify you from the information in your post. Please drop me an email at scotts.[protected] I will need your name, customer number or address.

    Amanda Cordell
    Scotts LawnService

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  • Wa
      Jun 15, 2016

    Scotts has been managing my yard since March. It's now mid June. I have more weeds in it this summer than I did when I bought consumer grade products at Home Depot. I have requested a refund and they are trying not to provide it even though their site says, " Satisfaction Guarantee
    We don't just promise you'll be happy. We guarantee it."

    Their response is they will retreat it within 48 hours of a complaint, which they have but to no avail.

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