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ScooterTronics / Worst Customer Service Experience of My Life

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Waaaaayyyy back in June of 2006 I ordered a Verrucci Retro Scooter from the Scootertronics website. I recieved an automatically generated receipt in my email a few days later, but that was it- no word on my order's progress, shipping, etc. After a week without word, I called to follow-up. At that point Michael (rudely) informed me that the Verruci scooter was not in stock, but that if I would consent he would send me the Meitian scooter instead. "Sure, " I said, it was my first scooter and all I really cared about was that it looked cute and actually showed up, (naive I know, but I'm being honest).

About 2 weeks later my scooter showed up, in a very badly battered cardboard box, with both handlebars sticking out through holes in the packing material and badly scratched. I didn't complain though, I was just happy to have my scooter.

So, a few minor issues with mechanical stuff aside, I was basically happy. (My husband is pretty handy with that kind of stuff so I didn't ever have to go through Scootertronics for repairs or anything).

So here's the problem. I never registered the scooter because it was basically purchased as just something to play around with and ride for fun around the house. I wasn't confident enough of my riding skills to use it as a full-time functional vehicle. So I stuck all the papers that came with the scooter in a file folder in the office cabinet and promply forgot all about them. Until a couple of months ago, that is...

I've recently moved to Washington state, and sadly, the weather is not ideal for scootering- so I listed the scooter on Craigslist. Found a buyer and was gathering up the paperwork when my buyer asked about registering the scooter. I agreed to call the DMV and check into the process. That's when I learned about the infamous MCO, which I'd never even heard of prior to this phone call. I look through my papers, and guess what? That's right, no MCO. No biggie, it probably just fell out of the file during one of our two moves since the purchase. (We're a military family.)

So I email Scootertronics explaining the problem, then I call since I have a buyer waiting for this information. The woman who answered the 800 number has no idea about getting a replacement MCO, and so gives me Michaels cell phone number. After 4 or 5 attempts, I get an answer, explain the issue and am told, (again rather rudely), to email the order number, VIN etc. I do- and tell buyer what's happening and that the new MCO is on the way. Big mistake, HUGE mistake.

Since that phone call, I have emailed numerous times, called repeatedly and when I haven't been flat out ingored, I've been yelled at and hung up on. What the hell? I've been nothing but courteous and polite through all my dealing with this jerk, so again, what the hell?!?

Ultimately, my buyer will most likely have to register the scooter under the Washington state "Ownership In Doubt" clause and wait a full 3 years in order to get a clean title, all because "Screw-her-tronics" can't be bothered to fill out an mail a simple peice of paper. My only consolation is that I am apparently not the only person done dirty by this crappy, crappy company.

Simply put, never shop with them... Ever!

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  • Mi
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    We are attempting to get this resolved and one of the biggest problems scootertronics has faced is the gas crisis in 2008 which as brought so many people into buying scooters which there just is not enough time to help everyone right away. The customer bought a scooter in one state that did not require MCO and moves two years later and now its all our problem. Yes we have new people and need to train everyone. Yes we are attemping to get this matter solved but with so many and the company being as small as it is time is all we need.

    Michael Milstead

  • Mi
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    This matter has been resolved even after two years we still helped with MCO when he moved, the customer moved to another state that our problem and how could we have known.


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