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Schwan's Home Serivce, Inc. / If you sign the paper, waives your rights

1 United States

During the hiring process Schwan's has emloyees sign a some sort of "waiver" holding their prosepctive employer, Schwan's, NOT accountable for working employees over-time without the proper pay. Which is generally 15 hrs/daily x 5 days & sometimes 6. NO OVERTIME or COMPENASTION, ie, time off with pay. If vacationing, and a HOLIDAY falls within that period, employees do NOT receive holiday pay! They are paid NO HOLIDAYS at all. They are required to be on their route 12 hours with min.10.5 hrs "sell time". My family member works a min.of 14-16 hr/days. I'm thanksful, it's a job in this horrible economic market, but what they are doing to the employees is ILLEGAL! Their proposed scale for commission is JOKE! There is no way to earn it, there are so many "tailored Schwan's loop-hole requirements" for ataining it! The commission is something like (roughly) 1/% of XX$, but one must earn that same "goal" for a bi-weekly (pay period) in order to get paid for it! So sad for the hard-working men who go out everyday (VERY EARLY) & return home very late, anywhere from 9-11:45 at night. We have NO family time. The only good thing I can say is the base salary for a CSM isn't bad, but really, if the job market didn't suck, there are many jobs that will pay the same money for 40 hrs! The health benefits are good, but hey, the employee pays his share of the cost. My family member s lookning elsewhere, he has a strong background in sales/marketing/merchandising, not to mention a whole other host of things that do NOT fit into requirements of Schwan's. Blessings to all you out there trying to earn an honest living & to your families during their lonley times, we miss you guys at home, your love & support of family! Apparently Schwan's is NOT THE FAMILY OREITNTED COMPANY THEY CLAIM TO BE! THEY ARE GREED ORIENTED! The Depot Mgrs & upwards are the ones reaping the $rewards$ of the hardworkers beating the streets from before sunrise 'il bedtime!!! UGGGGGH!

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