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SCBN / will not give me back my money

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I call them when I husband lost his job to some illegal mexicans, and witht his we also lost out medical insurance, I am on SSD and will not get my medical card till 2010 of may, so my SOS worker said to go to free meds.com and I did well I got the wrong one and paid them 80 dollers 50 to join and 30 each month for my one med i need, the day i got the packit my sos worker called and said I did the wrong one I should not be paying more then 10 one time fee, so I call SCBN and cancled my account and hand righting letter like they asked me to, then I got a letter back and a lot to fill out mean wile they cancled my account but did not give me back my money, then I sent in the paper work and again asking for my miney, I called a couple of times they got my paper work over a month ago and I still did not hear any thing, so to day I get a med card as if I am a member, first off I can not use it because of 2 things I dont have any money and the card is not working because i am not a member!!! the other place I went to from my sos working is sending me my meds to the house and I only had to pay 10$ for one time fee, but because of SCBN I am out 80$ and no way to get it back and they send me useless cards I am waiting to see if they send me the fee of 30 each month, any one can get them free as my sos worker showed me with out sbcn heklp go right to the maker of the medicans them self and they send you paper work to see if you can get them free or a very low cost but you can not have medical insurance to apply,
mean wile i am still waiting and getting mail form them but when I call them they say I do not have a account with them it is closed and again no money sent back to me I only get 757.00 a month and cannot afford them or the meds they have you pay for be ware if you think of joining them you can get them free wrkj with yoru doc and the medication maker them self


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A  2nd of Oct, 2009 by 
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D  6th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Dear Pinkunicorn,

Select Care is a business in good standing in the community. Select Care Benefits Network is a patient advocacy organization. We act as a person’s advocate by helping a person become enrolled onto patient assistance programs for a small monthly fee. These programs distribute free prescriptions to patients that qualify financially and therefore save them hundreds of dollars a year. We do not sell or ship medications and we never hold ourselves out to do this. We are not a prescription company, we are a patient advocate company and we are completely clear as to what we do and how we assist people. All patients find us through someone we work with or on the internet at www.scbn.org where they must read the website and fill out an online application in order to be contacted. It is at this time that we contact someone where they verbally agreed to the Patient Advocate and Membership Agreement.

Since you only call yourself PinkUnicorn and give me no real complaint to address I can not help you at this time. Good luck to you in the future.


Brad Williams
D  6th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Dear Renee,

As I explained above to pinkunicorn, you signed up exactly as mentioned above. I do not see how you believed that Select Care was 'Freemeds.com' when you sought us out and we told you who SCBN is and what SCBN does and you agreed to the membership. Members are allowed to cancel, with no refund, in the first 30 days if they return their new member kit. This is a part of the contract we read to you and you agreed to. Select Care does not refund after work has begun in good faith, though you are allowed out of the one year membership you agreed to.

I am filled with sorrow for your personal situation, but it does not have anything to do with you seeking us out and entering into a membership with us and then realizing you wanted something else and you did not pay attention to what you signed up for.

We do regret the experience that you had when you were a member. We are certainly happy to offer you a free month of membership so that you can get the medications that you need if you do not wish to go through the red tape of doing it yourself with the patient assistance programs. We are confident that in this time period of using your membership, you will not only receive your medications but also be very happy with our ability to assist you in receiving your medications. Please contact me at 512-406-5057 so that we can get you started.


Brad Williams
SCBN Customer Care Manager
A  18th of Dec, 2009 by 
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I also contacted Free Medicine Revolution A/K/A S.C.B.N. and found out I can get my prescription for free w/o having to pay a third party a one time $50.00 membership fee and $30.00 every month! Mr. Williams' information above is correct. However, I strongly suggest anyone who needs assistance to pay for their prescription drugs contact the drug manufacturer themselves first. Most of them have a patient assistance program and can assist people who have an income below their guidelines(usually below $30, 000.00)and don't have insurance.

The sorrow Mr. Williams expressed above may be sincere however, he has a job which most likely offers health insurance along with a pay check and his loyalty lies with his employer. SCBN may have a verbal contract but w/o a signed contract the aggreement can and should be contested. You should contact your bank immediately and proceed with the paperwork neccessary to have the $80.00 charged back to your account.

It is a shame we fell for this third party intervention when a little research could have avoided us this lesson learned. Good luck and God bless all of us who seek assistance in this time of desperation.
N  11th of Jun, 2010 by 
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I have called all day and noone will talk to me i have NOT got any med. i have NOT even send my paper in and 90.00 was taking out of my asst. i want it back in the today or i will be calling the B.B.B
A  16th of Jun, 2010 by 
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all our comments sound, we have no money for meds, they scbn turn out to be the light at the end of your tunnell, only its a train! they zipped $105 out of my debit card so fast i couldnt believe it.
N  1st of Sep, 2010 by 
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SCBN, I signed up with your company for prescription medicine assiatance at the end of July. I was to recieve a welcome package with information about enrolling in your program. I never recieved the package and made phone calls to your company in regards to that fact. I do not want another package sent to me, I have made other arrangements considering that I needed the medicine. However I don't think it is right for you to keep my original 90 dollars that you removed from my bank account. I would appreciate a refund due to that fact. I do not have that bank account anymore. Here is my information: Here is the pin number you gave me on the phone 531628.
David Lewis
1408 west pine # B
Bolivar, Mo. 65613
A  28th of Sep, 2010 by 
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This company has been taking money from my account for more than 6 months now, and we have only recoeved one supply of medicine! They have been asked to stop taking money from my accountant more then 3 times! They have caused me to overdraw in my checking account! You will get no straight answers from them when you call! They need to be shut down as a company and they need to reimburse peoples money! They are a pathetic excuse for a company! Now I am writing them a cancellation letter, because now they tell me that thats what I have to do in order for them to stop withdrawing money from my account! I am sending it certified and there better not be one more cent taking from my account! I will contact a lawyer! This is simply not right!

Sherrie Willoughby

Owingsville, ky
N  10th of Nov, 2010 by 
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ohhhhhh the crap these people put me through. I can't even begin to explain everything I have gone through w/ these people... let me see if I can make a VERY long story short... 1st call, talked to Joseph, he submitted my app over the phone, called me back, said I was approved, got my banking acct info and said packet should come in the mail in 3-5 business days, never asked for anything else but ASSURED me that everything would be done and started and should receive my 90 day supply of meds w/in the end of the month (October 2010), he said to try to hold out buying my meds cuz I should have my meds by the time they were due through the pharmacy that they would get my meds through... 2 weeks went by... 2nd phone call... I called Ashley (which was supposed to be my case worker) gave her my member i.d #... put me on hold for literally 20 minutes w/out even coming back to check on me periodically (guess she was hoping I'd hang up), finally returns to tell me that my paperwork was never entered in the system and she transferred me to Cody (they had my banking information however, go figure) he took all info again, said I needed proof of income from 2009 and awards benefit letter (i receive death benefits from my 2nd husband for our son)! Joseph NEVER asked or told me I needed these so right then and there I should've hung up and been done but being a naive girl I gave them the benefit of the doubt (mistakes happen, right?) cody said they would draft 80 of out my acct (50 for app fee and 30 for first month of meds) and packet should be in mail again 3-5 business days... packet comes 1 week later and the medicine that they had on the paper was COMPLETELY INCORRECT, I called Ashley ( who is the rudest person I have ever spoken to), told her I just wanted to cancel cuz of all the mistakes and I could've used the 80 by then to get my meds (one med cost me 285.00 per month) she asked me if i had a printer that she could e-mail me over the correct form w/ the correct info w/ in the half hour... 2 days go by and I still have not received an e-mail... i called her back and she said that the paper wasn't typed up w/ the correct info as of yet and it would be 3-5 days before she could e-mail this to me...again, another 3-5 days... whatever! I told her I wanted to cancel and wanted my money back (by the way, they drafted out 140.00 instead of the 80.00 that they told me) ! she said I would need to put it in writing for the refund request but they don't normally refund since they are just an advocate program that assist's in finding pharmacies to get the meds through. I told her that they haven't assisted in anything but heartache and to me robbing my bank acct... still, I sent in a 2 page letter and FINALLY received in the mail today that they do not refund partial or full anything. that their assistance was paid for in advance, are you frigging kidding me? What did they assist in? HEARTACHE, , , , , , HEARTACHE, , , , , HEARTACHE AND ROBBING MY BANK ACCT... I will do everything in my power to get this companies license suspended and get the word out that they are FRAUDS... I'm a God fearing woman but don't mess w/ people that really need help... i honestly don't know how these people sleep at night or live w/ themselves knowing what a sham of a company they really are
N  10th of Nov, 2010 by 
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to Mr. Williams... how can your company be in good standings in your community? Honestly? If ever you were to need help and got the go around that we, as consumers have then you would be agreeing w/ us 100%! I have a brainstorm right now... why don't you call as a consumer and pretend to need meds and see what happens to you? Call them and use a fake name, fake bank acct, fake whatever... just be in our situation for one moment and I guarantee you that you would feel EXACTLY as the rest of us do and get EXACTLY what we did...NOTHING! Good day Mr. Williams
A  15th of Nov, 2010 by 
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I keep calling the customer service number of 866-722-6479, but I never get to talk to anyone, when the voice message says to push 8 to talk to an advocate, I get the whole round of numbers to push. I had emailed my cancellation notice but scbn still took $65 out of my account today. I had notified the bank but for some reason they didn't withhold payment as I requested. I will fax a letter to the number that was listed on the
'push 1' and see if that will do anything. This is not a good company. I was promised medications the end of September but didn't get them until the end of October and $180 poorer.
A  22nd of Nov, 2010 by 
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Beware! Beware! Beware! If Mr. Brad Williams thinks this company is in good standing, he needs to be on the customer side of things. I contacted this company to get help with my meds due to loss of insurance. I spoke with Drew; a very fast talker and a great con artist. I told him I was still looking into other options; Drew assured me I could review the packet and return it for a full refund if not satisfied. After reading their packet, I was not satisfied with the services they offered. Nowhere in our conversation did he state my $155 was 'non refundable'. I called them within a few DAYS of receiving their 'packet' and was told to send the packet back along with a letter. I sent this info back certified mail. I received a reply that they did cancel my membership; but none of my payment was refundable. I called the company back and spoke with a very rude, unprofessional female who told me she wasn't getting me a supervisor or manager, and I didn't need to know the CEO's name or phone number. I did send Mr. Williams an e-mail; still have gotten no response. I have attempted to call the above number; always a busy signal. He's busy allright; busy avoiding customer complaints and issues he doesn't want to resolve satisfactorily. They got me for $155, which at this point I am considering fraud and am going to pursue this to the full extent of the law. These people are working with the FDA? Hmmmmmm
D  11th of Dec, 2010 by 
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I have to say, this company is quite clear from the begining regarding its refund policies which I listended to just today. None of what you have writtin should be a surprise if you had read the materials and listened to the legalease the are required to give you before activiating the plan. It was made quite clear to me what is nonrefundable. I am very happy to find a place to handle all the inbetween contracts, appllications etc after spending 1 1/2 years without my meds. I will sleep well knowing that they are dotting the I's and crossing the T's for me so that I do not have to add all of that stress to this arduos and ongoing procedure. The ease of obtaining my services and not having to worry about messing up the application and renewal process is worth the minimal fees charged for the service. Granted, it might not be for eveyone, but it cut months of work out for me and is getting my on my meds sooner than I could have done alone. My advice to anyone pursing this avenue - pay close attention to the information they give you - which is recorded - and take the time to determine if this is right for you before afixing your signature to anything. I feel I was adequately informed on their procedures. For me this service is literally a life saver.
N  19th of Dec, 2010 by 
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When you sign up for this program, make sure you use you credit card. That way you can dispute it, NEVER give out your personal banking information.
N  19th of Dec, 2010 by 
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When they ask you to write a letter to the "Board of Directors" to cancel your membership. There is no such thing as "Board of Directors", that is all BS. They are just giving you a run-around. The owners of the company should be sued for sexual harassment. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR BANKING INFORMATION...USE YOUR CREDIT CARD, THAT WAY YOU CAN DISPUTE.
N  20th of Apr, 2011 by 
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My husband has had SCBN for almost 2 yrs now and we have never had a problem with them until now. He has not had a refill on his script since Nov. 2010. I have been trying to get in touch with them but I have been on hold for over a hr and 20 mins. They are still taking the money out of our checking acct. I hope this is not a sign of what I have been reading.
I can tell you this is riduculous. Has anyone reported SCBN to the BBB? I can tell you if they mess with our money I wont hesitate to turn them in. We work to hard for someone to take our money without giving us our product. I will let everyone know what happens when I do get through to them.
A  2nd of Oct, 2016 by 
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all of these are so sad my heart breaks for everyone! I plan to close out my account and open a new one

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