SCBN / combivent respimat

Austin, TX, United States
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I have been working with this company for more than a year now..
My first encounter was helpful and I was given what they advertized for..
I needed help with an expensive inhaler called Symbicort, and everything has been smooth as silk for year..
NOW, it's time to renew the contract.. they sent me an application and paperwork to renew the original CONTRACT, and a application for a new subscription for COMBIVENT RESPIMAT..
The Doctor who prescribed this rescue inhaler, used to recover for severe asthma attacks claims SCBN has been sent all the required paperwork
to include a new prescription for the COMBIVENT, and SCBN is claiming they never received this required paperwork.. I am caught in a catch 22 situation that seems to have no resolution other than Civil court action..

Fortunately, No extra money has been pilfered from my bank account for the added application, yet, though I suspect it is only a matter of time before the extra 20 bucks begins to get tempting...

At this point SCBN is extremely questionable, and should be investigated by the BBB, and possibly the justice dept for possible fraud or false advertising...

Jul 19, 2016

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