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Ma’am/ Sir, I would like to Report in your good office Mr. Ferdinand Gabon a Regular employee Regarding to his attitude Problem and what he did wrong in this branch…

(1st Incident Report) This is to report Mr. Ferdinand Gabon, a regular employee as a Receiving assistant in Savemore Angeles City, regarding to his Attitude behavior in the store during Pep talk in the Store witnesses by the Supervisor on duty Ms. Alice S. Delgado and all the opening Merchandiser and SC in that incident, he shout and angry to one promo-diser ( Splash) and personally saying “KRIMINAL KA NAGPALAGLAG KA NG BATA” infront of all the opening that time knowing the Supervisor was there he was continue shouting saying “ KALA MO DIKO ALAM ANG BAHO MO” continous saying bad words to the Splash Promo-diser, we don’t know what comes in his mind and he asking a fight to the other Merchandiser on duty that time by saying “IKAW LOLU( Green Cross) and TULABOT”(U.R.C.) KASAMA KABA NILA” even the Merchandiser in other Branch(Savemore Balibago) “SABIHIN NYO KAY MEADJOHNSON HINAHAMON KO SYA” while he was shouting he cant control he’s anger he took forward to splash promo-diser he want to slap the face of the promo-diser, when the other Merchadiser stop him to attack the promo-diser knowing the young lady was crying….and the supervisor(alice) shouting to bong by saying “TUMIGIL KANA” but bong ignore her like he did not hear anything….he just only stop him when they called the Manager and the Security Guard….he mad because of the chika about his mistress or kabit he suspect ms. Splash and meadjohnson because the chika was all over the savemore because he know the two persons know his secret about his relations to ms. Abbigail a promo-diser before at savemore angeles. Ms. Abby was resign due to her pregnancy.

(2nd Incident Report) Mr. Ferdinand Gabon again at the farewell party of
mr.Edison Salazar all the employee of the savemore angeles even the Regular employee and supervisor witnesses of mr.gabon did to one Merchandiser(PTC) he just want to attend the party and give a support to his supervisor before but mr.gabon knowing he just also a visitor was drunk when he saw PTC he shouting and asking a fight to (PTC) the said merchandiser was shock thinking what he did wrong and mr. gabon saying “ANUNG GINAGAWA MO DITO NAG-MAMANMAN KA” still shouting “SABIHIN MO SA BOSS MO KAY MEADJOHNSON and BORSI HINAHAMON KO SILA” while mr.gabon still shouting at him(PTC) the other merchandiser (Kimberly) grab the neck of (PTC) and he said “MAY PROBLEMA KA, GUSTO MO NG PROBLEMA” and (PTC) remove the hand of Kimberly, and then the supervisor( Benjie) said please don’t ruin the farewell party of (Edison) and they stop fighting when they hear the supervisor, PTC and CDO they just leave the party.

(3rd Incident Report) Mr. Ferdinand strike again his group
Went to savemore angeles around 8’o clock in the evening while the closing merchandiser RFM, PTC, FEDERATED take their cofi break infront of savemore angeles when suddenly mr. bong and his group of merchandiser namely Pepsi, nestle, sysu, Kimberly, fly ace, ride on their motorcycle and they drunk went to savemore angeles and took forward to the merchandiser on break infront of savemore angeles knowing the head of the security( vican1) was their he witnesses what happen that time, when mr. bong confronting RFM and asking him a fight this is what happen
When mr. bong want to attack the merchandiser on duty while their cofi break
BONG: Borsi may Problema ba?
RFM: baka ikaw ang may problema sir
BONG: wala ka utang na loob, alam mo ba kung bakit ka umabot ng C5
RFM: sir if umabot man ako ng C5 dahil pinakinabangan nyo din ako
BONG: tintraydor nyo ko
RFM: ikaw ang traydor pati mga walang kilaman dinadamay mo
BONG: ano gusto mo suntukan tayo

When mr. bong attacked RFM he just stop him by Federated when they get separated mr.bong and his group leave the area. Mr. bong he’s not on duty he came on the store drunk and making a trouble, he just only want to fight the employee on duty what kind of a regular employee is him instead of being a leader in the outlet he’s the one who’s making a Trouble, knowing he’s on eastern warning by the manager of savemore because of what he did to Splash promo-diser if he cause another trouble or any problem in the store he will be terminate.we don’t know if the security gave him a security report please investigate your employee he’s not a good example on your Company….

He’s blaming the merchandiser for what happen to mr.Edison R. Salazar if it’s not on them mr. Edison was still on savemore until now mr. bong said. That’s why he want to revenge to the merchandiser and with his group.

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