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Unethical behaviour

My adult daughter and I entered a Liquorland store in Bowral NSW on the 29th May 2020. The manager of the...

Bowral Retail Stores

customer service

Yesterday (29 April 2020) at 3pm, I visited Katoomba, NSW store. I had made a trip to Katoomba that morning due to a family emergency. I noted a sign on the front door that credit cards were preferred to make payment. Unfortunately, I had left my credit cards in another wallet at home back in Sydney; I did however have cash.
When I tried to give my money to the lady sales assistant, she said they would like a credit card payment. I exlained that I did not have a card on this occasion. She then asked me TWICE if I was "sure you don't have a card?" I apologised but repeated that I didn't ; I pointed out that their sign did not say CREDIT CARDS ONLY. She then started to put on a rubber glove to take my money. Then a male staff member came over and also queried if I had a card. I explained again that I didn't and that I had to make an emergency trip etc etc and had left my credit wallet at home. This person then rudely asked if I understood why L.L was taking precautions?? I replied that of course I did ... but the contemptous demeanour and sarcastic way he questioned me and his aside about my mental capacity to understand the pandmeic situation was humiliating. Of course, one could not be unaware of the need for hygenic procedure ... but I was only acting within the guidelines of their advertised but non obligatory preference. The lady assistant then wiped down my $50 note and then sulkily proferred my change from the cash register. She did not clean that money (who knows who was using the till before her?). I was not offered nor given a receipt.

  • Ra
    raeres May 01, 2020

    What are you doing in a liquor store when you are not even old enough to drink? I mean if you mistake being told something you did not want to hear as rude, you must be six. Just because you were told something that you did not like hearing does not mean you were treated rudely.

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Employee / customer relations

I parked in an undercover carpark at the North Lakes Shopping Centre. After exiting my vehicle I was accosted...

Abusive behavior

Abusive behaviour at melbourne central liquorland. For the staff that was working at melbourne central...

Melbourne Food

Staff behaviour

I have tried several times calling for liqourland customer complaints but each time on hold for 15 mins, never suceeded and trying on here.

I went to buy a vodka at liquor land the gap village Friday 13.03 2020 around 5:20pm with my daughter who is over 18 carrying her ID for a proof. My daughter asked me if she can try Bailey strawberry mix, i granted and I grab the bottle along with the vodka i came to buy for myself - while we were talking i noticed the few staffs looking at us and talking within themselves in odd laughing manner towards us- i felt rather bit odd- as i turned before i was able to make a move to the counter, one of femal staff at the counter about 4ms away from me with loudly raised up voice telling, " You cannot not purchase thoes, we can't serve you, she is wearing school uniform" out loud. There were about 30 customers in the store all looking at us at once by her loud voice drew everyone's attention indeed.
I said, " she is over 18", the staff replied, " still cannot serve you cause she is wearing school uniform." Then i saw a lady who was paying her bottle with her son in same uniform standing right beside her. As the lady walked out of the store i asked the staff again. "That lady just bought her drink with son wearing school uniform. How come she can buy but whats the reason i can't buy ?" The other staff at the counter said, " i overheard that the girl was angaging the conversation with you about the alchohol and it seems you are buying it for her"
I replied again " she is over 18 and she has her ID for a proof" but none of staff members requested her ID for a proof. then the femal staff joined after him and said, " we cannot serve you still. You should know the Australian law. It is the Autrainan law" that point, i felt rather humiliated more than anything. Her voice was loud and clear and correcting me to know the Australian law. I am an asian but holding Austrian citizen for 20 years.
My daughter did not hold a bottles or trying to buy the bottle. I was holding the bottles and i was the buying. Is it really The Australian law and was I against the law?
Since your staff advised me should know the Australian law, I have made myself to Police staion for the clarification. I explained the situation to police officer as above.
Police officer declared that I did not hold anything against the law and it shouldn't stopping me to buy the bottles that I wanted to and buying for my daughter as she is over 18 even she is wearing uniform. What the store should have done is ask her ID and once its proved, it shouldn't be a problem!
It was so unnecessary harsh action the staffs have shown and embarrassing experience for both my daughter n myself.
Today, i went back to the store with my daughter unfortunately the female staff wasn't there but the other staff who were at the incident was, and told him the foundings from police officer. His attitude wasn't apologetic about the incident even me asking why No one asked for her ID? however only then he said it's the store policy?
No one at the store have said it at the scene but Told me off as its the Australian law and i should know the Australian law?
Now, i wanna ask company and wanna know if it really is the store policy reject to serve me or is that a wrong behaviour of staffs mishandling the situation even to bring it up the false Australian law to against the situation with me.

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Quite disappointed with treatment!

Hi I visited my local Liquorland store at Elizabeth on Friday about 12pm to grab a cold carton of beer to take somewhere to share. I went to get out the freezer but they had none stacked only hot ones outside on the showroom floor? I'm not sure this is usual practice or not but it seems stupid having a freezer if that's the policy..anyways I went to the lady staff member and asked why there were no cold cartons and she replied you can have a hot one I said I don't want a hot one how about i look where your 6 packs are and if there are enough to make a carton out of them I'll take that which I thought was a fair enough request?? I went and looked there were 5x 6 packs so I proceeded to take them out but before I could the assistant said I could only have 2x6 packs and the other 2 would have to be hot!! I asked politely why? She said that I can't just leave her with hot ones what about the next customer!? I replied so why don't you put the boxes in the fridge to start with and this wouldn't happen it's a simple solution really.. she blamed her manager and said she was told not too apparently? So the outcome was I didn't get my beer And went and got it from BWS. I don't believe these practices Which I encountered were fair nor just and am bewildered how this thought process exists in a large respected company like yours?in closing I've been a long loyal customer of Liquorland and shop there at least twice a week and so do other family members but after this recent experience I think BWS unfortunately maybe the new organisation I'll give my hard earned to...kind regards Steven

Customer service

We always shop at Liquor land Aitkenvale but the last 4 Times we have been in we have had a rude man named...

Customer Service

On Tuesday March 3rd 2020 at approximately 13 20 hrs I attempted to make a purchase of an alcoholic beverage at the Goublurn premises of Liquorland. A female person was at the counter of said store and refused to serve me until my 21 year old son showed her his identification.
I find this behavior offensive. It was the implication made by her assumption that the alcohol was intended for him...IT WAS NOT.
If the store will not serve a person in the company of a suspected minor then make the policy public and display said policy.
If this is not the policy of the store I suggest that the young female be made aware of this.
Humiliating and totally inappropriate misuse of power by this individual I trust she will be duly educated.

rude security

It was around 5:00pm Wednesday 19th of Feb 2020, in the evening, me and my husband wanted to buy some wine...

Yokine Food

I want a refund

How mad would you be if you walked 1km to grab a bottle of Gin, looked in the gin section at Liquorland...

Coburg Food

worker in store seemed drunk

Went into store a couple of times over the last couple of weeks and not sure if it's ok to drink in...

bird in hand sparkling pinot noir chardonnay

Hi, on January 15th I went into Aberfoyle Park liquorland and purchased 2 bottles of the above product. On opening the first bottle found that is was flat and had to tip it out. Opened the second bottle and same thing.
These were purchased on sale for $20 each
Then had to go to nearest liquor shop to buy 2 more bottles at $28 as the 2 I purchased were undrinkable.
I drink this product all the time and always shop at Aberfoyle Park liquorland, and have never had any problems before but found this unacceptable

Vicki Gregor

Please contact me on [protected] or email me at [protected]

regarding the staff

I have asked your staff present in the counter to check if they have got any Miller Beer Cartons available...

Canberra Food


To whom it may concern, I just visited the liquorland store at Fletcher, NSW and was refused service...

service complaint

I recently lost my license so I was left with my previous license as id, which has been expired since January 2019. I was refused service for this reason which I understand why. I also know that my expired id is still a valid source of identification as it has not exceeded 12 months since the expiry date.

I had a letter saying that my license should arrive in the mail, which had all of my details on it and 2 older licenses on hand as well. She still refused service to my sister and I.
She then told me to go to first choice because 'maybe' they will serve me, even though she just refused me.
I didn't even bother with first choice and went straight to bws, where they were more than happy to serve me under my circumstances.

I am capable of picking up my own mail from the post office with an expired license but I can't buy a bottle of alcohol as a christmas gift

My license will not be here before christmas, I will no longer be shopping at coles or liquor land/first choice.

service complaint

false advertising, unhelpful store manager steve and staff member georgia.

Hi, I visited your store on Saturday 30th November 2019. I purchased a couple of wines and sparkling wines. I...


Horrible service and disguisting attitude towards customers. Your management is a joke and has no idea what...

Joondalup Food

rude service

Wednesday 20th November between 3:15-3:30pm. Drove through the drive through lane on the left and parked my...

1 comment Palm Cove Food

refusal of service

Tried calling their customer service line to discuss my complaint, but after 20 minutes on hold, gave up and came on here instead. I have just had one of the most humiliating experiences at the Banora Village store. I very rarely drink alcohol, but decided a celebratory drink was in order this evening. I went into the store at about 7.40pm with my 13 year old son. I spent about 10 minutes perusing the various Vodkas and finally settled on a 4 pack of sugar free Smirnoff Ice drinks. I had my son hold these whilst I fished around in my bag for my purse and phone and then I took the drinks to the counter. The young lady (who didn't look much older than my son!) asked for my son's ID. I explained he was 13 and I was buying the drinks for me. She then proceeded to tell me in an accusatory tone that my son had "touched" the alcohol, and "showed an interest" in the alcohol. He held it momentarily whilst I located my purse and phone from my bag! I politely asked what she meant and she then stood back and condescendingly said: "It is against the law for me to sell you that alcohol now". I can only assume she believed I planned on supplying my 13 year old son with alcohol. I am a 41 year old, law abiding professional woman. To have this young lady loudly declare that she "could not" sell me the alcohol as it was against the law for her to do so, was degrading to say the least. I left with this young lady staring me down like I was some kind of degenerate criminal. I drove 2 minutes up the road to my local BWS, took my son in with me and purchased my drinks there. I relayed what had happened in the Liquorland store moments earlier and the sales assistant was gobsmacked and then quoted the law telling me that provided the minor was in the care of a guardian, they were permitted in the store and could hold the alcohol within the store. I found Liquorland's staff members' accusations to be defamatory to say the least. I'm so embarrassed I doubt I will be able to step foot in a Liquorland store again, for fear that I will once again be reprimanded for nothing more than innocently purchasing a few drinks on a Saturday night!

online order pickup

I received 'ready to pickup' and went this store at 8pm on 21/10/2019. There was a staff whose name is Murray...