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LiquorLand Australia Complaints & Reviews

LiquorLand Australia / Service

Jul 22, 2019

I was in the Bribie Island shopping center LiquorLand store on the 22nd of July approximately 6pm. Went to use a Coles docket with a deal, appeared I was using docket incorrectly. After stating that I had used dockets for purchases previously at other stores the young female shop attendant...

LiquorLand Australia / palm cove tavern palm cove qld

Jul 07, 2019

Attended your venue last with my husband an another friend, We spent most of our time in the gaming room and had a few drinks from the bar, approx total 2hrs duration in venue. The actual bar was practically empty with approx 12 people in the smoking area. At 9:20 pm I asked a bar staff...

LiquorLand Australia / rude, arrogant, dishonest behaviour by the manager.

Jul 06, 2019

The manager of First Choice (LiquorLand) on Unley Road in Unley South Australia treated me in what is objectively an extremely rude and unprofessional manner. I don't know his name, but can state that he is most likely in his 30's, quite thin, has a number of tattoos and short auburn...

LiquorLand Australia / lack of service

Jun 26, 2019

I spent a day and a half trying to ring your store at Port Lincoln 25/06/19 and 26/06/19. In total 9 calls. Many simply ended after a very short time while others rang until they cut out? I rang national switchboard on the morning of the 25th and asked to check the number - it was correct. The...

LiquorLand Australia / customer service

Jun 25, 2019

I went to your Edmonton store next to the Grafton Hotel. They have 2 lanes. One for service and one for stop n browse. I pulled up in the service lane n was greeted by a female. I wound the window down n asked her for a specific bottle of wine. She stood behind the counter n said I can't...

LiquorLand Australia / power tripping "manager"

Jun 19, 2019

Worst experience i've had in a liquor store anywhere in the world. I (age 34) went in to the store with my wife (age 33) to buy a bottle of wine. Upon checking out, the manager (I didn't catch his name, but he was a rather rotund fellow) asked to see my id. Given that the...

LiquorLand Australia / customer service.

Jun 10, 2019

On Sunday, 9th June I attempted to go into The Liquorland store at Kings Cross, Sydney NSW 2011 right beside Coles. As I was walking in the entrance, the door was pulled down right in my face. Please check security cameras to verify that. I had been in the store the day before Sat 08/06...

Liquorland Kuraby 6638 / xxxx gold stubbies

May 08, 2019

Advertised price in coles brochure afective 8/05/19'xxxxgold bottles advertised for 2 for $86.00.Liuorland kuraby selling them 8/05/19 at 17.54 for2 for$88.00. Invoice ref number 6638022265561 . Flybuys ref number279...3915. I Alister king would consider this to be faulse advertising.Feel...

LiquorLand Australia / arrogant store manager at labrador on the gold coast.

May 05, 2019

Approx 4:45pm on the 5/5/19 we walked into the store at Labrador on the Gold Coast. Our intention was to walk in purchase a bottle of Moet as a house warming for a friend who just purchased a unit not far from the store in question. I walked in and there was one young staff member standing...

LiquorLand Australia / coles shopper docket

Apr 13, 2019

I shopped at Coles today and proceeded to Liquorland to use the shopper docket as attached to purchase a 6 pack of corona to be told that the corona product I wanted was not available on the docket. I do believe that the docket needs to be honoured or it is grossly incorrect in what it is stating. I...

LiquorLand Australia / non service

Mar 20, 2019

On the 20/03/19 I (a 51 year old woman) went into my local liquorland store with my 25 year old son. I asked my son to grab a bottle of spirits as he was closer and not holding any groceries. He placed it on the counter and I opened my wallet to pay only for my son to be asked for id. As I...

LiquorLand Australia / management of mark and ben

Feb 22, 2019

I have a gf that works for a store Coombaha store and not been treated right she is all ways after more shifts with other stores . I believe mark and ben are in charge of a few of them. there has been other jobs at other stores. Casey has worked there 5 years now they have cut her shift...

LiquorLand Australia / service

Feb 22, 2019

When my wife and I went to the store to buy a 4 pack of beers, the bloody indian lady requests ids. I've provided my id, but my wife forgot to bring id. I told her can I come back later by myself after I dropped my wife at home. She said to me I have to bring both id in freaking rude way...

LiquorLand Australia / warners bay liquorland - customer service

Jan 13, 2019

Couple of issues I have with LiquorLand are stocking levels with promoted products offered on special. The second issue is customer service I have experienced. Product special - Coles offer special promotions as part of their overall offering to attract shopper to their Supermarket. The...

LiquorLand Australia / ice

Jan 09, 2019

I got carded for trying to buy a bag of ice. Rude woman behind the counter was on a power trip demanded I removed my glasses as well. I refused and asked for my money back. Im 40 years old their id policy is a joke. Demanding id from anyone they think is 40 or under fir a bag of ice. A...

LiquorLand Australia / service

Nov 23, 2018

Took my granddaughter into liquorland to pick wine for her mum I was refused service as the boy behind counter said it was for her I'm a 54 year old woman who works with children and I would lose job if I did that it's my opinion I was discriminated against because of my tattoos. My...

LiquorLand Australia / bad service

Oct 25, 2018

The oldest at liquorland "Rhodes" We got bad service from him many times He never smile and look doesn't wanna work If he has any problem at home or himself don't bring it at work I was ask for a carton of beer he said "you should help yourself" How the staff can say like this? Our...

LiquorLand Australia / unethical behaviour

Jun 22, 2018

Date: 4th or the 11th of June, 2018 Client number is unknown Location: Mount Sheridan Plaza, 4868. *please note I am just reporting this incident because my father does not understand the internet. Full description of the incident: Between 8am-9am an incident happened involving my dad...

LiquorLand / bianca. west gosford 2250

Apr 26, 2018

To whom this may concern, I am a young bloke who is being bullied and/or harrased by an imployee (Bianca) at a store in west Gosford, NSW, 2250. On the 26th/4/2018. And also one previous date. I'm 19. Always have ID. She refused me service and tells my friend if he comes in with me again he...

LiquorLand / customer service

Apr 24, 2018

Hi, I`m a regular customer of Liquor Land in Middle Park, qld 4074 and I live locally - I have visited middle park liquor land many times and one tall lady with very short hair with a visible tattoo on the right hand always ask me for the ID in a very very rude manner in front of many...

LiquorLand / service/unfairness/

Mar 03, 2018

Today 3/3/18 around 16:45(4:45 pm)I went to Inglewood liquorland ( liquorland civic hotel drive) got what I wanted and was waiting behind a guy being served... noticed that the sales person was distracted by one lady customer. As soon as the person infront of me was served I assumed I...

LiquorLand / service

Feb 07, 2018

Today I went to our local liquorland (Caversham, WA, Australia) with my 13 year old son. As I wasn't wearing my glasses I asked him to look for a particular brand which I asked him in my language (Malayalam). This conversation that had taken place in Malayalam which was interpreted by the...

LiquorLand / refusal of service

Jan 28, 2018

I am utterly disgusted and outraged regarding my stressful experience at Liqourland in Maryborough, Victoria yesterday, 27th January. I was attempting to buy some vodka cruisers. My mistake was to ask my 15 year old daughter if the flavours I chose were ok? This does not necessarily...

LiquorLand / poor customer service

Dec 21, 2017

on the Tuesday [19/12/2017], my two nieces which are over 23 years of age visited Liquorland Melbourne Central. The cashier refused to service them because they did not have valid australian PASSPORT even though they showed the cashier their oversea identity. They respected the fact that...

LiquorLand / liquorland esperance pathetic customer service

Nov 17, 2017

I hate complaining but this is not the first time it has happened. My partner and I there yesterday at 4.40 pm through the drive through. Through the window I could see a service lady stacking shelves. She made eye contact and then looked away and refused to serve. Obviously not her job. A...

LiquorLand / flawed execution of rules...

Oct 07, 2017

I was just in The Corso in Manly NSW. I am a 53 year old woman and I was with my 18 year old daughter. I got 1 bottle wine out of the fridge and as I was getting my wallet out of my bag I asked my daughter to pass me another bottle. When I was about to pay the shop assistant asked my...

LiquorLand / rude behaviour

Oct 07, 2017

My complaint is about an employee named Adele from Liquorland South West Rocks. Someone in her position should treat every customer with respect and courtesy, which I have not seen from her. She is very abrupt and rude at times and makes going into Liquorland uncomfortable. I have also...

LiquorLand / customer service

Oct 06, 2017

On Friday the 6th of October at approximately 2.57PM at Liquorland in Port Kennedy (WA) I entered the store. Upon entering I was asked for my ID which I was happy to oblige. I handed over my drivers licences to which the male assistant took and stared at before handing back to me. It wa...

LiquorLand / supply of specials

Sep 05, 2017

5/9/17 and 4/9/17 . When trying to purchase an advertised special, only part of the special was available ( 1 bottle of Pepperjack + 2 bottles of Saltrams 1859 shiraz for $40 ) . I was told on the 4/09/17 that the 1859 had run out and were waiting for the order to come in on Tuesday...

LiquorLand / not being served

Aug 11, 2017

2.35pm Bateau bay square liquorland Saturday 12th august 2017 We are well known in the shop and have our i.d constantly checked their the only day I forget mine after they stop asking for it and they refuse my partner service even though he had his I.d I don't drink to begin with and they...

LiquorLand / banning the wrong person

Jun 02, 2017

Yesterday we went to liquor land in corio and the banned my nephew for something that happened last week when he only just moved here Tuesday night and they were rude and even said they would not apologize for there mistake for blaming someone that was not even in the same town of theft I...

LiquorLand / rude behaviour

May 30, 2017

Today at 1545 Liquor land Kalamunda I walked into the store with my husband. We had a chat he and I, then I went to the bank next door. Godfrey went on to purchase 6 bottles of wine as he does frequently. I came back to find Godfrey had completed his purchase and was probably waiting in the...

[Resolved] LiquorLand / toms tavern liquorland staff are filthy power tripping [censor]

May 27, 2017

My friend who is 19 goes to buy herself some wine, however her license had just expired that week and she hadnt yet received a new one, and because of this, she was turned away. So she comes back and so i decide to buy her wine for her, i am 24 years old with a current ID and thought i had...

LiquorLand / customer service

Apr 24, 2017

Today I went into your Winmalee Liquorland store to purchase a case of XXXX for ANZAC day tomorrow. It was at approximately 1pm when I arrived at the store with my friend. My friend has been shopping at your Winmalee store regularly for the last 5 years. On this particular occasion both my...

Liquorland Munno Para / refused to accept my sons id

Apr 22, 2017

Today my son (who's 18) decided to purchase some alcohol for a family get together. The occasion being the anniversary of his pops death. He went up to the counter with his purchase (a 6 pack heineken beer), the employee (who's name was Andrew) then asked for ID (a over 18 keypass card...

LiquorLand / refused to provide service

Apr 08, 2017

I am 42 year old man from Nepal, on 8th of April 2017 around 1pm I attended liquorland Mandura with my two friends who are 32 and 28 years old at LiquorLand Mandurah, 1 3 Dower St, Mandurah 6210 WA. We are trying to buy a carton of Ashi beer and a bottle of Chivas whisky. There was two lady...

LiquorLand / service

Mar 24, 2017

This evening I attended the Taigum store to purchase some wine, I was accompanied by my child. The wine I was looking for was out of stock so I browsed the store for an alternative and settled on a bottle of wine for my wife and attended the counter where I handed over the bottle and asked...

LiquorLand / customer service

Mar 16, 2017

Date of incident:16/03/2017 I live in Kalgoorlie, my local liquorland is across the road from me. i entered in to your premises to buy a bag of ice, i arrived home and my girlfriend asked to get a carton of beer as we have a party the next night and we both work shift work, i entered your...

LiquorLand / caroline springs liquorland

Feb 25, 2017

Shocking treatment at Caroline springs liquorland today. Comfortable to say i will be telling everyone I know not to buy from liquorland ever again. I go in to buy a bottle if white wine. So I get to the counter and my 19 year old son is behind me. Anyway the checkout then asks if we want...

LiquorLand / customer service

Feb 17, 2017

Daniel from budgewoi liquorland showed no customer service and was extremely discrmative. I have a vail form of ID which was refused. My license had expired in 2016. I feel as though he made me to feel like a idiot in front of a whole shop telling me I was wrong. He then made a remark...