Saudi Telecomawful experience

I have never had the worse feeling than visiting one of the STC offices near Haram in Madinah. I visited the office at 9:40pm (20mins) before the closing times mentioned in entrace. The tokken number machines was broken and no one was present at the entrance for guidance so i went up to one of the customer care officers who was serving a customer already and i stayed there waiting for him to finish. After 2-3 mins, the officer asked a bangali origin gaurd to inform me that i wont be served as they will close the office in 20mins. The gaurd advanced towards me abruptly shouting "yalla out we closing, yalla yalla go..." He grabed my arm and tried to drag me out of the store without even letting me speak a word. I reacted and i pushed the gaurd away. Another gaurd appeared on the scene of black saudi origin and continued to push me out while all the staff present at the office just sat there and watched. I was shocked and i told them i'll complain against them to which they said "do whatever you want to...".
I cried the way i was treated, i was humiliated. I tried to call customer services but nobody answered. I urge STC to see the CCTV cameras dated 26/04/2015 at 9:45pm for the proof and take an action accordingly.
It is shameful for such a big company to have worst people working for them.

Apr 27, 2015

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