Saudi Postlost/mishandled parcel

Lost Parcel

*Day 1 - Received message to claim at Post office tracking number RW083572485CN. Went to claim at 9pm same day. see attached photo 1. Wasted 1-2hrs at the office only to be told to come back tomorrow. No worries.
*Day 2 - Went back to claim parcel. Wasted another 1-2hrs only be told the same.
*Day 3 - Went back to claim parcel. Wasted another 1-2hrs only be told the same.
*Day 4 - Called customer service regarding the situation and to file complaint but agent suggest that I went back the same day so I did. Went back and again wasted 1-2hrs only for nothing.
*Day 5 - File complaint. Hoping this can be fixed and suggest that the parcel be relocated to a parcel station so I can definitely claim it.

Previous experience was Parcel went back to origin due to unable to claim at office after 5 working days. see Tracking # RY964279485CN & RK868146059CN for reference.
This time when I received the message I immediately went to claim but unfortunately this happened. Nobody is sharing the reason and this is the worst customer service. No offense. I don't mind waiting for hours as long as I get what I went for.

For parcel claiming. While waiting on que. Office can place a booth where a customer can provide the tracking number. A staff/helper can locate those parcels/item and prepare it on a table ready for tellers to take. For starters, you can have a digital screen showing the que number / tracking / status (at table/not found) and will be removed once number is called. This will drastically improve the waiting time roughly 80%. You'll have happy customers and Tellers will get more work done in a efficient manner.

Saudi Post
Saudi Post
Saudi Post

  • Updated by esaye, May 28, 2018

    Oh, and encountered errors in filing complain at feedback page. "The remote server returned an unexpected response: (413) Request Entity Too Large." How can you get a better a picture of the complaint if you can't even accommodate a detailed report. Hope the page get's updated.

  • Updated by esaye, May 28, 2018

    I do hope they are honest to their commitment.

    lost/mishandled parcel
May 28, 2018

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