Sassoon / vidal sassoon extra hold hair spray

United States

I purchased this spray for first time since my product was sold out. When I sprayed on my hair within a few seconds it started to burn my skin on my temple area, I wet a towel and washed it off... So I thought. It kept itching that day, so when I got back home I washed the area again, that week the itching and dry skin appeared across my forehead then started flaking off layer after layer of skin cells to where my whole forehead and temple area on my right side where it all began became reddish/purple and oozing fluid, eventually much to my surprise my temple hair fell out as well as half my right eyebrow in which I now must pencil in. My skin continues to flake and peel and has effected my neck as well, it just won't go away and keeps spreading and or acting up. This has been going on now for about 9 months or so. I believe this is a chemical burn of some sort, since I have no allergies. I have been keeping cbd oil on it to keep air off skin in effected areas it's the only thing that helps but not fully healing.
Any idea what could be causing this? Anyone else have this problem from this product? What shall I do next... Please help!

Thank you

Feb 7, 2019

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