Sapphire Resorts - Geo Holiday / Misrepresentation and deceptive sales tactics

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My wife and I have owned Timeshares without major complaints but Sapphire Resorts, Jockey Club in Las Vegas is one of the poorest decisions ever made. They lied about benefits and value of Jockey Club and the lack of value of our other timeshare (deeded). They offered to instruct us in the renting of the property and did no such thing. After the purchase, they were not interested in speaking to us. We have tried to sell or give back the timeshare, which is paid in full. The maintenance fee goes up every year but the property is not maintained. Geo Holiday properties are in bad shape and dates are seldom available for reservation. Jockey Club is renting spaces that are banked to the general public.
We want out. They have already stuck us for over $15K and it is worthless points.

Mar 14, 2017

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