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Santander took over citifinancial auto loans. Of course no notice was given to the customers. No statements mailed out for 3 months. To make a payment over the phone a fee of $10.95 is charged. Although it was due to there negligence that customers did not recceive a statement you are still required to pay this fee to a payment they will post whenever they want. I absolutely hate this company. They are so unprofessional and disorganized. It seems the only way they acquire clients is to buy out other companies and leave customers with no choice. I can not get this loan paid fast enough so that I can stop dealing with this idiots.

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  •   Sep 24, 2010

    Yep, no word that we were going to be switched over. And all the reps do not know what is going on - or at least they all are liars which I have caught several of them doing. Still the same workers there with some new ones. They make it sound like they are not the same people and have no idea what is going on. Liars! Bunch or run arounds so your interest rate and amount of car pay off is more, then they charge you late fees when they tell you to be late so you qualify for help. Very crooked!
    We were approved for a loan modification right before the switch over. Now Santander won't recognize anything that Citifinancial had going on with their customers and won't honor our loan modification. Horrible horrible company! I've read elsewhere that others are having the same problem with lies and payments goof ups, loan modifications that were approved and then taken back when Santander took over. Stay away from these people! I plan on reporting them to the BBB and contacting my attorney.

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      Oct 09, 2010

    Aggrivated83- i understand your frustration! They are not a customer friendly company in the least. They are very disorganizrd and their customer service is largely non existant. Legally they do not have to send you a statement as the contract does not specify that. However not sending statements to your customers is about as bad as you can get customer service wise. That being said, you are either mistaken, outright lying, or embellishing for effect when you talk about Santander not sending you a statement for three months. That is simply not true. You posted this on 9-24, and Santander bought Citi on 9-6...since Santander hasnt ownes Citi for three months its not possible for them to have missed three months...although Citi Auto might have.

    Auntie M- I know of someone that works there and they are completely confused. Apparently upper management tells them nothing and things change from day to day. Their employees are apparently paid pretty poorly as well, which I am sure doesnt help matters. Your modification issue is intriguing...but be sure you have your ducks in a row before going to an attorney. Unless you have a signed copy, proof that Citi/Santander received the proper paperwork on time, and confirmation that Citi executed the modification, a trip to an attorney will just cost you a ton of money and will net you nothing in the end. Santander doesnt have to honor a modification or settlement that was only approved or proposed by Citi but not actually executed. Not honoring the proposal is bad business however, and if you dont have the proof, id stick to complaining to BBB about how poorly they treat the consumer, and then try and refinance with another company or pay off the loan asap so these buffoons make as little money on this loan as possible.

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  •   Oct 10, 2010

    I have proof that it was faxed over in a timely manner, I have all the names of the people and managers that told me that I was approved before the transition and the reps name with Santander the same day of the transition that confirmed to my husband we were approved.
    It was a week later that everything changed and new reps said to my husband and I that Citifinancial Auto rules no longer applies and that there was no one I could talk to that would help us - that they could not transfer me to anyone not even a manager. They want the late payments all caught up now.
    I agree, they don't have to do anything to help. No need for them to keep any of their words.
    They haven't kept their "verbal" word since the day I got my loan with Citifinancial Auto, and Santander is not any better - just far worse.
    A refinance will not work for me either because of what they have me down as owed compared to what the car is worth, I have not been able to get a loan.
    Plus, they put on my credit that I have been late. And the only reason I was late because they told me I had to be. What a mess!
    And for those who wonder why I have a loan when I can not afford it...I could afford it a lot easier before the bail out and I can still afford it as long as I do not go to the doctor or by my meds. Unfortunately I am one of those people that lost their jobs because of the mess companies like Citifinancial had put us in and am now a one income household.
    Trying to find another job, but my health conditions have limited my ability. Such as life, eh?
    I will be one of the many joining the class action against them. They should be held liable to keeping their words like any fair business practice. And Santander should stand by their motto that they so much liked reciting to me:
    We here at Santander keep our promise and we expect the same from our customers".
    Yeah, mmmkkk.

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      Oct 13, 2010

    AuntieM - I think you have a very valid case. A lot of times on these complaint boards you read some real garbage, but your case is anything but. I would definitely discuss with an attorney. Companies like CitiFinanial Auto and Santander need to understand that a contract works both ways. If a consumer violates a contract, you can believe the company will be there waving it in the consumer's face. If a company violates a contract they are let off the hook all too often. I believe you will win any lawsuit. I wish you the best! Go get em!

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      Nov 13, 2010

    I agree and am in the works writing a letter to the better business bureau, their compliance dept, and the newspapers. The harrassment I have received from this company is disgusting and I don't understand how it is legal!

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      Nov 14, 2010

    I, too, had my loan with Citifinancial, and never a hiccup until this takeover by Santander. The first notice I received was a LATE notice. Real nice.

    Then they wanted to charge me a fee to pay the payment. I asked for the next payment due date and she said that they had changed from the original payment dates of my previous lender ( no wonder it is LATE!) and that I would see the information on my next statement. Now...a phone call today telling me I am late again- though no statement was ever sent.

    Customer service never answers, my logins don't work on the website and when a rep does call they are on a script to collect payment only - NOT answer questions. Go ahead..ask a question and see the argumentative and sarcastic nature come alive. The woman barely spoke English to boot.

    Just out of curiosity, I asked a supervisor what my payoff would be on the loan. She quote me considerably HIGHER than what was on the late notice. Hmmmm. When I asked why, she said rudely and defiantly noted that wasn't always accurate information. Well, if it isn't accurate then are we supposed to guess? Sounds like a no-win and perhaps EXACTLY what they intend for it to be.

    So, after that introduction to this company here I sit...late again on a payment due to misinformation or no information and if these fools would just stick to sending a statement and the information that appears on it, life would be much easier on everyone.

    I don't understand why companies seemingly TRY to be difficult. I don't understand HOW they stay in business. This is a poor excuse for a business and one that should be avoided at all costs.

    Stay away. Far, far...

    My advice to Santander -

    Communicate effectively - in English, with statements bearing correct information and LISTEN to customers.

    K. French
    VA Beach, VA

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