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I bought my car in 2010 through carmax. At the time of my purchase I really did not want to get a car with payments. I had a car that was paid for and was smashed and destroyed by a drunk driver so I had no choice. I really needed transportation. I ended up getting laid off but still managed to make payments. I got sick but still tried my best to make payments. I was deferred several times. Well come to find out the car was $13, 000 and I ended up having to pay $24, 999 dollars. I ended up homeless trying to keep up with these payments. I paid so much money on this car that I am still hiding it to keep it from being repossed; here it is 2017 and they are claiming that I still owe $12, 000 I called them and made a settlement offer to close out the account. They settled with me and told me that they had sent a settlement letter to my email in which they have not; I told myself they will not get another penny from me until I receive that letter. Otherwise if they dont I will just buy me another car with the money that I was able to come up to finish this nightmare. I could have bought me a house with the over charge that santander has emposed on me. The car is a 2008 hyndai sonata if the settlement goes through I will have paid $27499!!!

Mar 22, 2017
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      Apr 07, 2017

    Santander Consumer USA is a scam company along with the dealerships they are associated with. They provided a loan at a whopping 21 percent on a vehicle my daughter bought from a dealership that scammed her. She did not need a car...She went in for a simple oil change. She felt she was being held hostage all day at the dealership as they conned her into having this and that done to the car...things that the car did not need!!! Things they most likely did not even do!!! They told her there was no loaner to pick up her kids... Desperate to pick up her kids she ended up buying an old vehicle on their used car lot with 84k miles!!!. Not only did the dealer charge her $17, 900 for the fair condition vehicle... in addition, the tax and dealer fees came to about 21k!!! The price on the sticker was 14, 500!!!. She had taken a picture of the sticker price which she saved and still has!. The vehicles retail Kelly Blue Book value was 11k!!!. Wholesale price on that vehicle was 7k!!! They gave her 5k on her vehicle that was worth 8k. Again, her car was fine...nothing wrong with it and only needed an oil change. We believe both the dealer and the Santander Consumer Companies are scam artists and both are basically stealing from innocent consumers. They know what they are doing!!!... There should be laws against these practices... these companies are thieves and the world needs to know it. Red flags should go up at the loan companies when a loan application comes to them that is grossly inflating the price of the vehicle. A reputable loan company should spot it and question the dealership for errors in contracts that have grossly inflated sale prices. There should be a government agency fining these companies big time for this. Both the dealers that deal with this company and all those involved with this lending company should go to prison. It is unconscionable what they have done to people. They have openly ruined peoples lives. They should be held accountable in a court of law. I was told by a lawyer spread the word of what happened... I did...I was several states over when I told a guy...turns out a relative of his had worked at that same dealership!!!...The relative quit because of the same thing... The relative witnessed customers being scammed just like my daughter and did not want to work there anymore. There needs to be a major lawsuit to bring these companies to their knees. The car dealer was Braman Honda in Lake Worth, Florida.

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