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Santander Consumer / cashed pmt/nvr applied to acct

1 Dallas, TX, United States

My auto loan was originally financed through drive financial. Out of the blue 1 day I started receiving statements from santander indicating they are my new loan provider. Long story short, I always mail in my payments since its free this way and have never had a problem. This one particular time I sent in a money order for $440 directly from the post office and according to santander they didnt receive the payment. However, the money order was cashed 7 days after it was mailed out. Once I got in touch with western union (The money order co.) they told me to pay $15 (Non-refundable) so they can send me a copy of the cashed money order, which I did. The copy of the cashed money order shows it was cashed at chase bank and also had an account number written on it. I went to chase bank and explained the situation and had them plug in the account number written on the money order and they told me this is fraud and its impossible for the money order to be cashed at chase. I then proceeded to send copies of the cashed money order to santander as proof, in hopes of jump starting applying "missing/cashed" payment, I attempted several times by mail and fax, yet each time santander says "im sorry but we didn't receive that documentation, please send it again". This is so ridiculous!!! Everytime I call nothing ever gets resolved, in the mean time my account is accruing late fees. On top of that, western union can only refund my money if santander sends me an affidavit stating that there is a payment missing on my account and santander refuses to do so, stating its against company policy!!! So at this point I am at a stand still, its going on 3 months and this issue is still not resolved. I did everything I was supposed to do, yet im being penalized. There is no local office and the only department I can get to is customer service... I didnt see this coming, but I am not giving up. At this point I dont know who cashed my money order. Since it was mailed directly from the post office I have to assume it was a santander employee since the money order was never altered, it still said payable to santander when it was cashed. Sign me up for the class action lawsuit please.

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