Santander Bank / false deductions

Boston Rd, , Billerica, MA, United States
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They have take 12 payments of $35.00 for insufficient funds 2 days after I made a deposit and already had money in there, I also had a 2 nd checking acct for any bounced checks which they said wasn't available? At any rate, I called and talked to a diane on the phone, who was the most pomp us person I have ever had the unfortunate conversation with her. She had no sympathy or compassion for what her business did to us. And also lied about my deposit date. When I was looking right at my deposit slip. And also told me those were not available, when I know the checks went through the same day they were deposited. Figure that out taking 12 payments from me in one day alone. I have other complaints as well, but I would be writing for hours. After I cancel my account on monday and talk to the reps which diane said "will not help me, because it's her office they are going to be calling, after I told her I was closing my account (which she couldn't have cared less, she offered to take 1 $35. Payment off my account. Why who know's but of course I took it, it's my money not there's. So now I have to spend more money I don't have to get a lawyer. I advise everyone on this site to get yourself a lawyer and let's all go after them, they are the worst bank I have ever don business with, and I don't believe they should be allowed to have anything to do with a banking business and their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered.

Jul 3, 2015

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