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Sanford Brown / Hostile work environment

1 Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:

I was an instructor for the MA department and was targeted by the Dean of Education from the first day I started with the school. I was accused of outlandish behavior and wrote up twice for it without their being proof or a basis for the write up. We were told as instructors that we hit the classroom because our references and experience had proven when checked that we are professional, ethical, and qualified to be in the classroom but the Dean believed nothing I had to say and treated me as if my word didn't matter.
The Dean told me on 2 occasions to have meetings with my co workers because I had been accused of being the "weekend supervisor" or the "head instructor" even though I had just started with the school and had never said as such. She told me to let my co workers know that wasn't the case and to make sure they understood I was not an informant for our PD. I did as told, held 2 different meetings, and then was written up by the Dean. I was accused of not being professional when holding these 2 meetings and supposedly a few of my co workers complained about my attitude. I asked that those accusers be brought into the meeting with the Dean but the Dean refused to let me face my accusers. The Dean, on 3 occasions, when she requested meetings with me and accused me of something, never let me face my accusers. She could never back up her accusations against me she only wrote me up, I believe in an effort to get me out.
I wasn't given a chance to speak for myself against her accusations I was only written up. Again, I wasn't given the opportunity to face my accusers, defend myself, or be heard. I went to the President of the school where I was met with "I don't want this to continue into 2009, it needs to stop" and smirks on his face as if I was a joke. I told the President that "I couldn't stop something that I didn't start, do, or carry out". Again, I felt as if I had no one in administration who cared to hear me or help me in this matter with the Dean.
After 2 months of nothing but receiving accusations against me, not being defended by administration above the Dean, fighting for my job only to realize the Dean wanted me gone, and feeling like the President took this as a joke, I resigned my position with SBI Tampa unable to take the stress any longer.
I was an instructor that was strict but my students learned. I was met with resistance the first week of each new mod at my requirements of my students but I assure you that when asked, any one of them would tell you by week 2 they were learning and happy to have me. When I left my students were upset and didn't want me to go. They told me, "We haven't learned this much with any instructor, you will be missed". I miss them too and I miss teaching. I was able to develop a rapport with some trouble students and kept them in class and in school earning decent grades. It was rewarding and a learning experience I will never forget. I only wish that the Dean was not put in her position because clearly she is unethical, unprofessional, and not of an impartial mind. She plays her staff against each other to get her own reward.

Unnamed, Tampa, FL

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      8th of Jan, 2010
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    My name is Dave Scholl and I used to be dept. chair for a the allied health dept. at a school called Brown Mackie College here in northwest Indiana near Chicago. I have to tell you that your story mirrors many form the campus I left andf filed an EEOC complaint (2 sepaarte ones actually) for sexual harassment and reatliation for my filing these complaints and my attorney feels very confiednt, as I do, that we will win our lwa siuts against this campus and the sachool itself.
    My point is this, after filing these complaints I was contacted by a free lance writer from Duke Univeristy who wanted to get my story and that of my students who have xperienced the exact same things that you have as well. I want to ask a favor of you in that could you please email me at the following email address your info and is it OK to pass that info on to this writer and have him contact you for possible interview for his upcoming story he is doing on these types of schools in a future edition of Good Housekeeping Magazine? I know I asked the same question you may be thinking as you read this, why would someone contact me regarding this? Because this type of practice must stop and his article and our input may be a way to make that happen I don't know. And if your wondering why Good Housekeeping, when I asked that question he told me that a lot of the readers of that magazine are single moms, which is what 70-80% of my students were as well so that makes sense.
    I have had several collegues of mine check his background and he checks out as legitimate, since I trust very few people I felt it my obligation to do before asking my former students to speak to a total stranger.
    Anyways, if you would like to speak to Barry please email me at or call me on my cell at 219-742-8629 and make sure to tell me who you are and what we are speaking about since I have no idea who you from the article you posted on this blog.
    I really hope you and any other isntructors/students who have been at this college will really take a moment to reflect on your experience and that if you want to make a real difference contact me and I will provide the contact information to you for Barry and maybe he will do another article on this school or add it into the article already under research, again i don't know his thoughts on this.
    Please do not wait, call me or contact me as soon as possible if your serious about this.
    Thank you.
    David M. Scholl

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