SandalsPoor service and scabies

We went to Sandals Montego Bay, along with 43 of our friends and family to be married there. We had a great time with our family and friends, however, several issues due to Sandals.
1). It rained on our wedding day. We actually had more fun with this. However, Sandals was extremely ill-prepared for back up plans. They missed key items that were necessary as part of our ceremony. All they did was apologize and state the rain messed them up.
2). The butler service was a joke. Our butler messed us up constantly. We finally stopped using her. She prepared a bath with champagne for us with fresh picked, bug-filled flowers on the same evening that she knew we had an excursion booked followed by a nice dinner reservation. So, we returned after our excursion, dirty, ending to shower - in our cold, bug-filled bath tub. We had to drain it, clean it, shower, and get ready for dinner in thirty minutes. When preparing for another excursion, we asked for towels. She said she was on the way with them. Fifteen minutes later, I called her again. This time she said she was by the pool - less than five minutes. Fifteen minutes later, we left and walked passed the pool to the main meeting area. She was there, towels in hand, chatting away with a friend. Another instance was constantly messed up dinner and breakfast reservations.
3). They were completely unaccomodating to large parties. We tried to book reservations for four, six, or eight on various occasions, to be constantly turned down. Of the nine days we were there, we were only able to have dinner (other than the wedding dinner) on one day, as a party of 12.
4). We had the Prime Minister suite. The most expensive suite on the resort. The awning covering the balcony was falling apart. It collected water in spots that would begin to smell. We found ourselves constantly pushing the water out with umbrella handles to avoid the water pooling.
5). Three of us (that I am aware of. I have not asked), caught Scabies - for the first time in our 40+ years alive. Scabies is most commonly transferred through improperly washed sheets. It is now six weeks later, and the scabies is almost gone for me, still recurring for both of the other two folks.
6). Several rooms (at least five rooms in our party) were moved to other rooms after being placed in their rooms due to various issues: plumbing, bugs, electrical...

The worst part is that I tried to reach out to Sandals to inform them of the issues while on site. The Managers would not come speak to us. I then tried to send a preliminary letter to a Manager via email. The response I received was dismissive to say the least. He blamed the scabies on a tropical climate and said that they have a pest control service. I responded saying that he clearly did not investigate anything as he said he did, for he would have learned that scabies is most commonly transmitted from touch or improperly cleaned sheets. He did not care, which greatly concerns me for the next guests. He also asked why we didn't report this while on-site. I reminded him that I had already said that two of the three of us went to the nurses station while on site, and were dismissed with hydrocortisone, told it was a bug bite. It wasn't until returning home and seeing doctors did we learn what it was. All with a common first question from the physician: "Have you stayed In a hotel recently?"

We are disgusted by the lack of cleanliness, the mediocre food, the bad service, and even worse management. We even visited the sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay. Although they had better food, they, too, messed up our dinner reservation and were completely unwilling to accommodate.

We would have expected slightly more attention given that we spent over $40, 000 booking 23 rooms and having a wedding there. We did not even get reimbursed for the items that were paid for in advance as part of the wedding - that did not occur (but could have - regardless of weather).

I will never go back. And am fearful for others that spend their hard-earned money and sparse vacation time at Sandals.


Jan 26, 2015

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