San Jose Mercury Newsrepeated billings


This is regarding San Jose Mercury News bussiness practices:
In February 2009, I gave $20 for Mercury New subscription to a high school student earning 'commissions' for college savings. I don't have time to read the paper, I wanted to do a good deed. I opted for week-end only paper, but the paper arrived daily. I called Mercury News twice, to try to change the schedule, but they claimed they could not find my delivery address in their records. They could not find my account, but the paper was delivered to my address!? So I gave up, thinking that after $20 worth of papers they will stop. But no, after a while I received bill to renew the subscription. I ignored it, I did not need any more papers. After the second bill, I called them, this time they found my record (based on the account number), but I was owing them $12 dollars, for the extra papers they delivered to me. I told them I will not pay for something I did not ask. Now I received bill from Coast to Coast collection agency. it's not about the money, I just feel I was scamed.

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