Samsung SmartPhone / refuse to send parts for repair

Gyeonggido, Korea (South)

With a minor connection failure on my smartphone, I asked to buy just the connector which I can replace. Instead I could send it to them and get it repaired. They refused to send me the part, so I would just have to do without it a couple weeks. This is 100% unacceptable! (Neither will they sent a part to a local repair shop. ) I told them I will never do business with they again for my entire life.

I canceled my cell phone service and am looking for a smartphone from which the manufacturer will agree to send me any part I request regardless of the reason I want one. I asked lg first, and they also did I notify because they will not I will also do no business with them. I will continue to ask other companies. If none will agree to send me parts, I will never buy any of their products.

I understand sometimes they may be out of parts for awhile, or too old, but this as a standard rule is totally unacceptable!

May 31, 2015

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