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Samsung / refrigerator

1 South Korea, United States

I purchased a 4 French Door refrigerator on 09/28/2017. I have been a very loyal Samsung fan in the past; but have never really had a problem to be dealt with. My refrigerator stopped freezing and making ice in early August. I had a service call through the call center on 08/06/2018. My refrigerator needed a
"closed system specialist" and a second service call had to be scheduled on 08/10/2018. The end result was that the problem could not be isolated and repaired. That was when my nightmare began. It took until 08/23/2018 through the call center to be referred to the exchange division. It seems there are arbitrary waiting periods required. After reading an earlier submission by an employee of a call center, I understand that they are simply not part of the solution process. They are a stall tactic. On 08/27/2018, my exchange was approved. In each of these stages, I had to call the call center to even find out where I was in the process. On 08/29/2018, my exchange was "shipped" via a trucking company. On 09/04/2018, I was advised that it would be delivered on/about 09/10-09/11/2018. I called on 09/11/2018 to determine status as I had not heard from "shipping company". I refused the "agent" at the call center and demanded to talk to a "supervisor". After 3 attempts to disconnect me, I finally talked to a "supervisor" who advised me that "no refrigerator was in route to me. Nothing has been assigned to me. No status on exchange". She then said she would contact the "supervisor of the exchange division" and request resolution. I would receive a call back. I have never received a call from the exchange division at all. Yesterday PM 09/11/2018, I received an email with a new ticket number. It seems they have "assigned a new exchange ticket number" to the "issue". I have been without a refrigerator since 08/06/2018. Today is 09/12/2018 with no end to my problem in sight. I bought a Home Depot Warranty with my refrigerator for 5 years. However, I cannot claim against that warranty until 09/28/2018. That is another 2 weeks. If Samsung is not going to honor a warranty, just don't offer one. The retail world is quicker to respond than Samsung. If you are going to have a call center, make it useful. If you are going to have an exchange center, make them productive. I now must wait 10 days to see if my current pending ticket delivers a refrigerator from the "shipping company". They do not release telephone numbers or name of the company for follow up. Ten days will be 09/26/2018 because "they don't count weekends". On 09/29/2018, I hope Home Depot will save me. By the way, I spent over $3000 for this experience and may have to buy a new refrigerator.
My Client ticket numbers are:
[protected] Repairs
[protected] Exchange #1
[protected] Exchange #2

Sep 12, 2018

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