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Samsung LCD TV / product quality & service policy!

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There is a board right above the lcd panel on my 46" tv amongst other numerous boards, which samsung does not provide to its authorized repair shops. So when this board goes bad, they are telling you to buy a whole new lcd panel, which is so expensive that you are better off to buy a new tv all together.

This board went bad on my tv just after a year and half at which point the warranty is expired. I called samsung customer support and they adamantly insisted that what ever the shop says is what I have to do and that the board is not sold separately. The joke is, that samsung provides this board to other companies, for what ever reason or purpose, and I was able to get it on line and repair my tv myself. The question is, why is this board (Part) failing so quickly (I have heard of several cases myself alone) , and why samsung likes to sell you a new lcd panel/tv at a much higher price instead of the board at a fraction of the lcd panel's cost?

Why didn’t it bother samsung a bit when I told them about the situation and why didn't it bother them at all that they have a quality problem here? Is samsung trying to boost sales by following such policy?
Samsung may not care about quality and practice, but customers do. I am not buying any more samsung products and I suggest every one else to reconsider if they intend to buy their products.

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  • Ka
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    I am now having the same problem with my Samsung LN-R408D. This TV is 17 months old and when I turned it off one night there was a loud pop and all i had was audio and no picture. It was $150.00 for Sears to come out just to diagnose the problem. They also want over $1000.00 to fix the darn thing. I can get a new 40 in. Vizzio that is rated very high by consumer magazine for almost the same price. Where did you find the replacement board on-line to fix yours? I will never purchase another samsung product in my lifetime.

  • Th
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    It's Korean. What do you expect? If you want quality you buy American, German, or Japanese. The problem is that you can't buy anything made in this country anymore. Everything has to come from the inferior orient while our people are sitting in unemployment lines. It's a damn shame. I would personally pay double or even triple for something that it's made here!

  • Di
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    I also have a LN R408D. I bought it 22months ago together with a five year extended warranty offered by Best Buy. A day before Thanksgiving, the TV made the same pop when I turned it on and kept clicking but no picture or sound came on. I called BB and was told the best they could do was Dec. 9 for a service call. Of course I was not happy about that and after several conversations BB ordered an outside technician to make a call on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

    The diagnosis is that the TV had shorted. Its supposedly a common problem every 18 to 24 months. If I had no warranty it would cost me about $700.00 to repair. The original cost of the television was $1, 800.00.

    Samsung only stand by a year manufacturer's waranty. It shows you just what a cheap, badly manufactured product they put out when they do not want to stand behind their products. Something like the car companies that are asking to be bailed out right now.

    The customer service at BB was extremely bad. The rep. kept repeating "mam, I can't" "ma'm I don't know".

    At Samsung, I was told that the warranty ran out and they were no longer responsible and that my TV was working okay. ?????????

    I have never experience such crap in my life.

    Samsung is making a product which is selling for $1800. Breaking down every 18 to 24 months at a cost of $700 - $800 to repair and when I bought the TV I was told it would last for 20 years. Therefore, the full amount of the TV will run me $9, 800 to 10, 000. Hurrah. I am a rich person on a fixed income who just enjoys my tv.

    No wonder big corporations pay executives big paychecks, benefits, bonuses. When things go wrong, just ask for a bailout at the taxpayers expense because the poor employees will not have a job. The company never cared to make a decent product in the first place.

    Wake up America. You stink in Customer service and manufacturing. I have a RCA TV, for 25 years and an old coloured Zenith that still works.

    Clean up your act. You are ripping everyone off.

    Diana Irwin.

  • Wg
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    Customer Support Services Manager,
    I am an Indian Air Force Officer, I had purchased a samsung LCD TV from M/s Classic Electronics Siliguri in Sep - Oct 2008, when I was posted at Bagdogra. While purchasing, the dealer's rep (Mr Suman) indicated that the free wall mounting could be taken from the service centre either in Siliguri or the next posted place. Now I have finally reached with my family at Bidar (Karnataka). So I registered online thru my mobile for getting the wall mounting fixed thru local Samsung dealer (Gulbarga). My BP No. is 8411520652. Promptly, The dealer in Bidar (thru Gulbarga Dealer) came and handed over the wall mounting brackets for fixing and was to come next day for fixing it. But after some time I got a call from Mr Reddy ( rep of Gulbarga dealer) that I have to pay Rs 600/- for purchasing the Bracket.

    While purchasing I was told the this wall mounting bracket would be given free, whenever and wherever I get it installed. Now I am being asked to pay Rs 600/-? Kindly clarify this aspect at my email id

  • Sa
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    Samsung Lcd Tv - worst service of samsung india
    samsung india

    i bought a samsung 26" LCD tv from croma retail in Feb 2009. Within 6 mnths of purchasing it, it TV screen started malfunctioning. i called samsung customer care and croma. both assured me to solve the problem in stipulated tme. But after 15 days passing away, still prolem persists.

    I would recommend my friends and readers of this website not to buy any samsung product to avoid any problem.

  • Dh
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    dear saurabhjain25

    may be there is a problem with your specific product and your local service persons didnot cleared the same in time, but samsung is a great consumer electronics company and providing better customer cares tooo. you first complaint samsung directly on your dealer or the service person whos is not attending you properly.

    no need to depromote samsung products, we are the atisfied customers there in million

  • Cb
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    I also bought an LCD 61" for $1800 and after 14 months it started turning intself on and off repeatedly. I had to unplug the TV just to make it stop. The repair man told me it's a common problem with Samsung. I can't believe after only a year that this has happened. I've owned less expensive TV's that have lasted years and years. Samsung is garbage and they don't care. Korean crap that's asssembled in Tijuana.

  • Bh
      3rd of Apr, 2010
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    I purchased a SAMSUNG LCD TV Model LA32B530 from M/s Tirumala Music Centre (P) Ltd., Begumpet, Hyderabad on 27-02-2010 and he offered me a SAMSUNG Digital Camera Model EC-ES10ZBBB along with it free of cost. But till date he did not delivered the same. Whenever, contacted, they are giving stock reply that 'STOCK IS NOT AVAILABLE. I am ready to take delivery of another camera, but He is not considering.

    I wish to find out whether this free offer is from the dealer or from SAMSUNG company. What should I do now. Please advise me.

    Bh V V S Bhaskar
    E-mail :

  • Am
      25th of Nov, 2010
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    LCD LN 74061F Samsung LCD is clicking off and on, splotchy picture and vertical colored lines. I have to turn off and on again and again to get a picture. Increasingly taking more times and more striped colors and less picture. I am so disappointed in Samsung LCD tv's. I paid more than normal to get a Samsung, as I was told they were reliable. Now after barely 3 years 1800+ tv is no longer working. All of the posts seem to confirm a very poor product. Please do not waste your money on this DEFECTIVE PRODUCT!!!

  • Gm
      2nd of Jul, 2013
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    I have same problem with LNT 4069F..more 4 time Samsung company try fix...still...have.. Samsung Company must recall this TV from 2008-20010...without fee... Below you can read opinion from UNITED RADIO

  • Ri
      8th of Dec, 2013
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    I have always patronized Samsung products in the past, from cellphones, TV sets and laptops. About a little over two years ago, having been told that Samsung is the pioneer in LCD/LED TVs, I got me a 46" Samsung Smart LED TV which cost over One hundred Thousand pesos. Just very recently, sometime in the middle of November 2013, while watching a show on this TV, the screen display suddenly went black and nothing was on display, but the sound however remained. At first, I went to a big appliance store in a mall near my place and talked to a Samsung sales representative and told him about what happened to my SAMSUNG 46" Smart LED TV. And I have been told that the only usual trouble buyers of this brand encountered in the past is the LED back light which cost around Two thousand Pesos. The following day I asked my wife to call the Samsung Customer Service Center to report the problem. We were referred to an accredited Service Center somewhere in Antipolo City, and a week later, a service technician went to my residence to check on the unit. He did some tests with his tester and told us that the problem with the unit was the LED Panel. I wanted to know how much it would cost me to have it repaired or replaced, so I asked the technician for a job estimate. We were told that he would immediately submit his report to his office, and they would get in touch with me the following day for the actual costs to be charged for the repair. I was shocked to find out that the cost of the LED Panel replacement was Twenty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Pesos (Php 28, 520.00) plus labor cost of One Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Pesos (Php 1, 350.00). This is far out crazy!!! Having spent over a hundred thousand pesos and after just a little over two years, I will have to shell out another Twenty Eight Thousand Pesos more? And in case I had the money to pay for the replacement, how long will it take before it gets busted again??? Another Twenty Eight Thousand again after two years? Probably even less this time!! I hope this concern of mine will reach the Samsung Head Office in Korea!!! Can you please do something about this you people??? The money I used to buy your product was hard earned money!!! Another irritating thing is I was charged Php 650.00 for the simple check-up by the service technician. If nothing is done with this complaint, I will never patronize any of your products again and will surely go to the extent of telling friends and acquaintances to do the same. You know what the power of social media is nowadays!!! This is not in anyway some sort of blackmail! I just do not want other innocent consumers to go through the same inconvenience and throw away hard earned money as I did!!! My name is Ricardo Generoso Panotes and I can be reached at my cellphone # 0917-8266255, Landline # 660-7898 and at email address or at

  • Gm
      8th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    SAMSUNG company must recall all defect TV ( my LNT4069F company more 4 times like fix, after they like exchange my TV on new- take my and $450 add I need pay (I pay for my TV $1230), like this TV what they like give me I can buy my self in store -$529 and keep my - LNT4069F working perfect, just first time 5 min click-click ) Problem with bad product company SAMSUNG

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