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So I bought the s7 active phone because I love the ruggedness and water proof/resistant features of my s5 active so it could only get better right? Wrong! It may be rugged but water resistant it is not!!! Now I am not one to immerse my phone for 30 minutes in 5 feet just for fun, but I would like to snap a quick underwater (2min tops) picture or at least show my friends the feature.In the store they show a s7 active in a box and you press a button, the box fills up with water to "prove" that it can hold up to repelling water. What they should do is take that phone out of the box and prove that the sucker still works! After having my phone for less than 2 weeks, I had put my phone underwater to show my friends and take a pic. The phone was immersed for less than 3 minutes and immediately still worked until I got to my car. The screen started blinking on and off and green lines appear stretched across the screen. Now the phone still works (I think) as it still rings and notifications go off but I can't be sure as the screen is completely black now and I can't use the phone or turn it off. I will attest to the awesome battery power as my phone has not died yet after 15hr. So I guess I got that going for me. I hope to get another one but i'm am disgusted that I will have to use it as a phone that cannot get wet which was the freaking point of me getting it in the first place but I guess "that's none of my buisness" huh samsung ? In the pic you can see the notification light on (Because the phone is on) but I cannot turn on the screen. I do not normally leve complaints but this one has got me upset and there is no excuse that the s7 and s7 edge are water resistant but the phone that is made for that purpose does what? Nothing apparently.


Jul 10, 2016
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  • Al
      Jul 14, 2016

    My phone did the exact same thing. We hadn't had it 2 weeks either. Samsung would not replace the phone. I find it disgusting how they are advertising this phone andied it clearly can't follow through

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