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Samsung Electronics - US / samsung lcd 32& tv - crappy service

1 California, MD, United States

This TV died within the first 3 or so months, no pic but has sound. We are now immersed in what appears to be a series of unending CS reps. in the special adv'd dept., ECR. Each time we speak to a different "agent" who never reads the entire record of the case, I have had to actually take notes and force them to listen to what has happened. They refused to acknowledge conversations and adamantly refuse to allow me to speak to anyone above them in responsibility. Per ECR, they will take my number and one of the managers, only after reviewing the notes, will call (this, I assume is at their discretion - a return call is not anticipated).
Bottom line, the parts are "lost", per ECR, sent to the wrong state in fact and we are being told to wait, weeks perhaps, until Samsung locates these parts, then and only then will they send these same parts to the local vendor/repair shop. There is no other option…I asked for a timeline - when will their lack of providing the parts be considered justification for replacement - the response was NO idea??? One of the "agents" did admit that ECR has to recommend replacement and somewhere else above them, permission is granted/declined...I did ask how long this would take - No idea???
I now have "O" trust in this firm.

They have eliminated totally any possible interface with the client at the managerial level...elimated the expertise of the repair shop providing support in the field by sending parts to them w/o giving them permission to actually see the TV and diagnose the problem...eliminated all proof of conversations, except on their end where they say they are "recording"...requested confirmation, even in the form of summaries, are not permitted or granted to the customer.

Aside from legal avenues and complaints to the Atty. Gen. of our state, I don't have any hope of ever resolving this. We're writing it off as a tax lost for the year since its value is over $1, is just like we gave Samsung the money and they neglected to return anything for our investment. I hope the tax consultant agrees w/us...otherwise, it has been money wasted.

The TV did have a great pic - I advise everyone to buy the extended warranty from the store with anything Samsung. At least Best Buy and Circuit City will stand behind their sales - unlike this multi-international company structured to do business here in a very questionable manner - it may not be illegal, but it sure is unethical treatment by them of their trusting customer base.

Please advise if a class action law suit finally emerges regarding Samsung's TV division -


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